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3 Ways Technology Is Improving Communication

Smartphones Communication

You are on your way home and run into a tremendous traffic jam. You will be more than a few minutes late. So, you reach for your phone and make a quick text to home to let them know what’s going on so they don’t worry.

You’re out and about, just running errands and an awesome song pops in your head to practice for your band’s next show, but you left your phone at home. No problem. You decide to run into your local library and email the idea to your bandmates so you are all prepared for practice later.

Thanks to technology, communication has become as easy as breathing. Below are a few things that have had the greatest impact on how we talk to each other.

The Cell Phone

The cell phone has come a long way since its introduction in 1973. If you are like most individuals, you carry most of your life in this small handheld device. Everything from dates on our calendar to shopping lists and our alarm to get up for work in the morning are contained in this one piece of technology.

However, the first purpose, and still the main one, is its ability to keep us in touch with our friends, family, and the world, in general. Because of the cell phone, we can now call anyone anywhere in the world. If we don’t feel like talking, we can simply send a text message, something that was impossible from a phone before the invention of the cell phone.

Social Media

Then, in 1997, we added social media. This industry has grown leaps and bounds making friends and family that might live out of state or overseas seem as close as next door. People everywhere can now share photos, random thoughts, and beliefs with the world and the world is listening.

Social media, at its best, connects families all over the world. Parents away in the military no longer have to miss baby’s first word or first steps. Students studying abroad can connect with friends and family at home in their spare time.

Not to mention the avenue social media has created for self expression. Have a hidden talent? Now the whole world can see, if you choose to share it.

Mobile Hotspots

The mobile hotspots of old might have been labeled as pay phones. Pay phones are all but extinct, now. They were very convenient if you found yourself out and about and running late or if you wanted to make a private call, but as the years went on, they also posed a danger. It wasn’t the safest idea to find yourself in a payphone booth at night in an unfamiliar town.

That is a problem of old thanks to technology. The mobile hotspot is basically the pay phone that travels with you. With the use of a mobile hotspot, you can get in touch with anyone or any site you need, no matter where you are, for the most part. You may not find Superman jetting out of a mobile hotspot device, but you will find that is much safer than the pay phones of old.

Thanks to technology, the world is a much more connected place. It makes it possible for 7 billion people to stay as connected as the old fashioned village.

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