What’s a Wire Stripping Machine, and How Do I Use One?

Electrician Wire Stripping Machine

The electrical industry has experienced a breakthrough in its development. These developments have been championed by the aid of lots of machines and one of them is the wire stripping machine.

The Wire Stripping Machine which is also known as Cable Stripping Machine is used to peel off plastic insulators around wires or metal

What Are Wire Stripping Machines?

Wire stripping machines are upgrades to wire strippers, which has a similar shape as pliers. Wire stripping machine makes it more comfortable to remove the insulator wrapped around wires. It is the most widely used machine in the electrical industry.

Different models of wire stripping machines have been invented over time, based on the size and diameter of the wire, and the composition of the material. Some examples of these wire stripping models include small, thin wire type, ribbon-wire type, heavy-duty wire type, coaxial wire type, large wire stripping machine, low gauge wire stripping machine, and so on.

Therefore, the wire stripping machines provide a sheer convenience for cable stripping of all designs. Moreover, you can use wire stripping machines to recover copper wire or metalcore from previously used or spoilt cables.

You will pass the cables through the stripping machine, and when the metal core is recovered, it is refined and adjusted to give a brand-new cable. Insulators are also peeled off by this stripping machine, which in turn aids conductivity.

How to strip a wire using a wire stripper

Wire Stripping Machine is an alternative to manual wire stripper. It is rarely used, especially in household wiring. This is because the quantity of wire needed for stripping may not be sufficient enough for the stripping machine.

Its usage is second to none in the machinery industry although, it is rarely used in the domestic household, especially, because of the versatility and widespread cutting pliers.

Industrial activities have made the use of wire stripping machines very vital, and this is because of the voluminous work to be done within a very short time. Pliers and manual strippers will be almost useless and time-wasting in such instances.

Just as listed above, there are various kinds of stripping machines, and their functionality and mode of operation vary, but here, we’ll discuss the basics and how a wire stripping machine can be used.

Most wire stripping machines consist of at least one inlet and outlet.

The wire to be stripped is passed through the inlet and the stripped copper wire goes out of the machine through the outlet. Some do not possess this feature; in such cases, the wire stripping machine is like a hole through which the wire passes.

As the stripped copper wire comes out of the outlet, there is another compartment where the plastic insulator is removed. Most wire stripping machines use light as their source of energy.

The most used wire stripping machine is the electrical one, which requires electricity as its power source, known as a computer wire-cutting stripping machine.

There is also the pneumatic stripping machine, which is quite advantageous, like the electrical one. It has a large weight, little failure with large output, and can also be easily and conveniently operated.

The computer wire cutting stripping machine is automated, whereas, the pneumatic stripping machine works through forward and reverse rotation. It is also quite portable and can be used anywhere in connection with the air compressor.


The versatility of the wire stripping machine is curtailed by the texture and filings of the wire. While most wires pose resistance to this machine, others might just be a befitting a brand for operations.

Also, the wire stripping machine ranges from different kinds.

One of such is the Thin And Short Wire Cut Strip Machine 0.1-3.5sqmm CSC-600E, popularly used for silicone wires, Teflon wires, braided wires. Another example is Cable Jacket Stripping Machine CSC-800XL, used specifically for cutting energy cables and stripping processing.

It is therefore imperative to assess the nature and texture of wire as this would help the efficiency of the wire stripping machine.

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