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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Android L

Android L Development PreviewGoogle has just introduced its latest addition to the Android family, the Android L. It is the latest piece of technology unveiled by Google and the tech giant is over the moon with the recent developments in this field. The android user interface (UI) has been modified and it is now being called “Material Design”.

The Material Design, it is safe to assume is not limited to Android L alone. This design is applicable on everything that belongs to Google. This is exactly why Google is so happy about it. They can use this on not only a smartphone, but a tablet and even on a desktop.

Android Chief Sundar Pichai said that they were aiming for a fresh out of the box technology that revolutionizes the entire playing field of graphic design. It was designed with one focus alone: to make sure that the pixels are articulately deep and provide the people with the top of the line technology.

They have introduced a new interface that they are hoping will be considered as extremely user friendly and efficient. With the help of the new interface the system can assign a value that is known as the evaluation value for any application or software present in the user interface. This system considers both the perspective and real time shadows associated with any element.

With Android L Google just created a milestone of sorts in the field of mobile app development. It provides a platform where application developers will have a lot of fun doing graphic designing as they will be able to develop flawless and continuous animations, especially those that are related to the screen transitions. They have added a new item known as the palette; it has an innate ability to understand the colors used in the images on the screen, it then uses this information to color the UI in a color that matches the image.

With the new operating system in hand there is one thing that all application developers must have understood by now that with this design there are new rules and new guidelines of developing applications and software for smartphone, tablets or the desktop.

This system introduces a new phone unlocking technique. Now using this technique users can get past the security barriers playing with certain factors. This does not mean that getting in is that easy. Those factors that can make the phone unlock are all circumstantial; the system might unlock a phone if it realizes that the phone is located at home. Or if the phone is connected to a trusted device such as bluetooth or maybe a trusted Wi-Fi source. There are many that might consider this to be a vulnerability in the overall security, but if you are one of those people who have been locked out of their own phones, you would understand how and why this modification might be a blessing for some.

What a lot of smart phones lack is an optimal battery life. This new Android version has been developed keeping in mind the average battery and power needed by any smart phone. The software is overall quite responsive; people can respond to calls or messages a lot faster while using other applications.

Android L will make its appearance on both phones and tablets for commercial use later this year. We are so excited about it that we are having a hard time waiting for it, can you?

Image source: Android L Developer Preview website.

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