Don’t Let Valuable Company Data Get Lost – Protect It With a Battery Backup

UPS Battery

Now that technology has become so pervasive in our personal and professional lives, it’s easy to ignore just how much we all rely on it – including your company. If you’re in the business of industrial automation, telecommunication, or data collection, your business depends upon computers and their databases running constantly. But how can you expect them to work should an unexpected power outage interrupt your power supply. Even the most sophisticated equipment relies on electricity to operate. Without it, your software and computers can fail, resulting in lost time, money, data, and – at the very worst – the lives of your employees should safety systems fail. To avoid these disasters, you should invest in a UPS system.

A UPS system consists of a backup battery that maintains steady, uninterrupted power running to your machinery, office equipment, computers, and any other necessary electronics. As long as one of these is connected to your systems, you won’t see any disruption in your power – even during a blackout. That means your business is no longer at the mercy of inclement weather. Should Mother Nature (or anything else) cause spikes, dips, or fluctuations to your business’ power, a UPS will kick in to provide and regulate electricity.

The kind of UPS that you need for your operations will depend on your business and the size of your facilities. Obviously, a large scale factory with automated machinery will need a much more powerful UPS than a small data collection office. The battery backup solutions from Toshiba come in a wide variety of sizes and capacity. They offer input voltage ranging +10 to 30% and a frequency window of 45 to 56 Hz. They also offer helpful bypassing features in case your facility isn’t hit by a power outage but a power overload. Should electricity spike and threaten to overload the internal inverter, their UPS will redirect power to prevent damages.

As power overages and outages can happen at any time, UPS should always be ready to bypass your facility. You should also be able to track its progress whenever you want, even if you have no access to your facility. Many battery backups come with web-enabled diagnostic systems so you can check your UPS at anytime, anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet.

When continuous operation is a necessity for your business, a UPS is the only way you can keep your equipment safe. As long as you have a UPS backing up your machinery and software, you won’t have to worry about power outages. So find a UPS that fits the nature of your business, and back up your company!

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