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Top Apps for iPhone: What Games Should You Be Playing?

App_Store_on_iPhone_5The new iPhone has some great new features that are perfect for gaming. The new screen allows almost an additional 2″ of visibility which takes the already impressive device and makes it even better. The latest installment of the iOS has the capability to help show off the amazing graphics that some of these game developers have worked so hard to perfect. The new iPhone really gives the gaming consoles a run for their money. Below is a list of the top 5 games that are available for the iPhone, and you do not want to miss out playing.

1. Slingshot Racing

For the low price of only $1 you will be able to download this amazing game with some of the best and most realistic graphics on the market. It is not a crazy gory or action packed game, but it is quite a lot of fun. The basic premise of the game is to race your vehicle around the track, but instead of relying on the engine to power the vehicle you will be using a slingshot system. You will need to adjust the slingshot method based on the turns and the track. Too little power and you will not make it to the turn. Too much power and you will smash into the side. It sounds like a rather basic concept, but it is quite an entertaining game.

2. Angry Birds: Star Wars

The latest installment of the wildly popular franchise has just gotten a little bit better, for Star Wars fans at least. Not only do you have an entire new series and set of boards to pass, but you have new birds with new capabilities. It is extremely fun even if you are not a Star Wars fan. The basic version is free, but add-ons and HD will cost you. All of your favorite Star Wars characters will show up in bird form and the planets are even modeled after the planets from the movie franchise.

3. Asphalt 7

Racing does not get much better than this game. Did you even know that you could experience glare from another vehicle’s windshield in a video game? Well now it is possible with Asphalt 7. It is extremely detailed in the graphics department, and with the faster processor the graphics appear smooth and seamless. It is a fun game with an amazing setup. The extra 2″ of screen really makes all of the difference in the world. All of this is yours for only about a $1.

4. The Amazing Spider-Man

How do you like playing the hero? Now you can play your favorite hero, Spider-Man in this action packed thrill ride. The amazing graphics combined with the updated processor make for a great gaming experience. The almost $7 price is a little steep compared to the other games on this list, but the 25 fun filled levels provide plenty of bang for your buck.

5. Lili

Are you a big gamer, but are more into the fantasy role-playing side than the action-packed FPS side? Well Lili is that game for you. Wander around exploring this amazingly beautiful and well developed land while completing mini missions and overthrowing a few regimes. Do not expect a lot of action though for the battles actually do not contain any physical fighting. The game only costs $3 and offers hours of entertaining game play, just in the more calming sense.

The iPhone 5 has already adapted all of your favorite games in order to adjust to the larger screen. 2012 was a great year for gamers, and 2013 is set to be even better.

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