Top 10 Most Famous Cars of the World

Chevrolet Impala

Among the top 10 world famous cars in the world, Chevy Impala is one of those cars which falls into the category of most famous cars of the world. Chevrolet Impala with a history of more than 54 years in the market has always been one of the most popular cars with sales of 14 million units.

Toyota Corolla

Another most stunning car of the world is the Toyota Corolla with a sales of 37.5 million units. It is the top selling vehicle from the Japanese auto makers. Today Corolla is a perfect choice for people in America as well as Japan.


Ford F series cars with a sale of 35 million units are another top 10 most famous cars of the world. This car is most widely used in America and few other countries.

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf is yet another vehicle which has made the cut in the list of the top selling cars. This German car was initially debuted as the Rabbit in 1974 and among the top selling models from Volkswagen with a sale of 27.5 million units.

Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle is another top selling most popular version of car with 23.5 million sales units. It is among the top most iconic vehicle in history launched in the year 1933.

Ford Escort

Ford Escort originally sold in 1967 is another model with a sale of 20 million units. The car was very popular and was adopted by the next six generations for its beautiful design and powerful engine.

Honda Civic EX Sedan

Honda Civic is on the sixth rank in the top most popular list of cars. It is an affordable car with features like hatchback, sedan form and coupe. The car is expected to come up with new features like hybrid power or natural gas hence offering a good deal to its customer in terms of fuel efficiency.

Honda Accord

Another car which is on the list of the famous cars is again from the Honda Company which is Honda Accord. Honda Accord started in 1976 is still the most popular and affordable mid-sized cars. It ranks seventh in the list with a sale turnover of 17.5 million units.

Ford T 1910

To your surprise Ford Model T is another most popular vehicle of 1908 and 1927. Model T was famous among Americans and made a sale of 16.5 million units.

Volkswagen Passat Alltrack Concept

Volkswagen Passat, the new generation car with a sale of 15.5 million units is one of the most stylish and powerful car which was initially rolled in 1973.

These are some of the most popular world famous top 10 cars which have been the top choice among consumers for a long time. They have been an all-time favorite vehicle for generations and are a classic example of some of the best design and power vehicles of all time. From the oldest model T from 1908 to latest Volkswagen design are all the top selling and most demanding cars of its time.

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