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Some Technology You Once Only Dreamed Of

Virtual Reality

Technology is one of those things that is always expanding and always surprising the layman that loves using it but doesn’t always understand just how it works. Virtual reality may still feel like science fiction to some people, even though it’s becoming a more and more common thing in the world. Drones still seem alien to some people and they are used by the military and by photo- and videographers on a regular basis.

These are two of the technological advances you’ll read about below. The other one is pretty amazing too, 3D printing. The things they can make with a 3D printer are simply out of this world. So, if you’re ready to delve into the future that is now, read on.

Virtual Reality

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that virtual reality machines were something you only saw or heard about in movies. They were science fiction themselves, but now they are something that everyone is talking about. From VR gaming systems to a VR computer, you will likely find VR in most homes soon.

Soon virtual reality will be as common as home video gaming systems and color TV. Once upon a time, those seemed like nothing but pure fiction as well. But now look at how far technology has come. In fact, virtual reality may be the next big thing in communications.


Drones are something you may only think of as being something from science fiction, and when some people see one for the first time they may even think it’s an alien spaceship. Drones are used for many things, but normal everyday people and by the government. The military uses them to see areas that they normally wouldn’t be able to.

You can find some really cool drone videos on YouTube where videographers and photographer have used them to see places that most people are unable to see by foot. It makes it convenient to get photos from a sky view as well, no need to hire someone with a helicopter anymore.

3D Printers

You can make nearly any everyday item you want to with a 3D printer. People are making ornaments with them, eyeglass frames, smartphone cases, and more. It isn’t a cheap investment though, with most of them costing thousands of dollars (you can get a small desktop one for a few hundred).

The strangest thing, though, is that they are using 3D printers to make body parts. It’s something that is regularly being used for burn victims, and more. They are using 3D printers to make replacement ears, organs and more. It may seem strange, but it’s truly amazing what science and technology can do together.

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