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Tech SupportDo you have some friends or family that always keep asking you for technical help?

Well this is a dilemma. If you try to explain it to them they’ll most likely not understand a word you say and get bored. If you fix the problem for them, they’ll solely rely on you from now on to fix all their computer problems. The solution is to send them links to tutorials and videos that can help them figure it out on their own. That way you are still being a nice person while avoiding all the unpleasant consequences that could arise in such a situation.

This is why we made for you a categorized list of all the tech support articles on CosmoBC TechBlog. The list is being updated with each new article we post on the subject, so check back often! 🙂

Easy Tech Support Series

The Easy Tech Support Series feature videos made by Google employees to answer the most basic questions their family and friends were constantly asking them. If you’re in a similar situation, feel free to browse through the list:

Various Tutorials about the Internet

Advanced Tutorials for more Experienced Users

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