Suzuki’s Infotainment System is Luxury at Your Fingertips

GarminSuzuki has partnered with popular GPS manufacturer Garmin to develop an infotainment system that will be available for most of their 2013 vehicles. Giving consumers the ability to purchase a vehicle that already has a GPS unit installed is not a new idea, but Garmin and Suzkui have added on a nice list of additional features that makes their infotainment system stand out.

What is Included in the Infotainment System?

In addition to a touchscreen GPS that is an easily visible 6.1 inches, the built-in infotainment system also comes equipped with an AM/FM radio, CD player, Pandora integration, a backup camera, Bluetooth and USB compatibility, an AUX jack, internal flash memory, voice control and easy connectivity with most smartphones. The robust Garmin GPS also includes fuel prices, traffic, dynamic parking and weather information.

What are the Practical Applications of the GPS and Safety Functions?

GPS usage has soared in the U.S. over the past decade, and it is easy for everyone to understand exactly how useful a GPS can be. Having a built-in system allows consumers to avoid making multiple purchases to get their car set up for daily usage. Some of the infotainment system’s other features are newer, though, and there are probably some consumers who are unfamiliar with them. For example, backup cameras are just now becoming a more standard feature, and they provide drivers with a much safer method of backing up. If you are using the system’s backup camera function, then you will have a clear view of everything that is behind you.

The addition of one touch access to local area fuel prices and dynamic parking information is a huge plus as it will help drivers save time and money. The traffic and weather functions have obvious perks, and their inclusion makes the navigation system provide more efficient travel routes.

What about the Entertainment Options?

Some of the other functions of the infotainment system will quite simply make each drive a more pleasurable experience. It is common for cars to ship with a CD player and an AM/FM radio, but the inclusion of Pandora integration will enable drivers and passengers to listen to personalized radio stations that are created from a list of their favorite songs and artists. Pandora includes a nice mixture of the selected artists along with new artists who have a similar style. Now you will be able to discover a long list of new musical favorites while you are on the go.

How do the Connectivity Options Impact Me?

The touchscreen allows drivers and passengers to change the volume of the radio, select new driving routes and interact with their Bluetooth. Voice control and a smartphone link further enhances the driver’s ability to take full advantage of all of the infotainment system’s features.

Is this a Game Changer?

Although some people might debate the necessity of some of the infotainment system’s options, the fact that it is available for almost all of Suzuki’s 2013 line means that thousands of people will soon become addicted to how easy it is to use the system. Anything that creates a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience always quickly becomes viewed as a necessity by the people who are using it. For example, people probably once thought it was crazy to put a radio into a car, but now every car comes with one. The infotainment system is definitely poised to become the next must have add-on for the cars of the future.

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