How to Spot a Fake iPhone

iPhone Screen Cracked

The rate of pirated products is becoming alarming day after day to the extent that hardly can you be sure of the authenticity of any gadget you buy in the market these days. Even Apple, a well known company in the tech industry also faces this wrath and as a result most of their products would have been duplicated before the time of their release. The latest iPhone 5 that was released a few days ago has been seen before the time of release and has been selling for a cheaper price compared to the original one made by Apple. To prevent customers and lovers of Apple products from falling victim of this scandalous act, I have compiled tips you need to look for to know if your iPhone 5 is fake or not.

Serial number not found

If you’re privileged enough to handle the iPhone you intend buying before making payment then you could be safe from buying a fake iPhone. This is because there’s no product from Apple store that has no serial number from Apple and that’s one part the maker of the fake iPhone find difficult duplicating. But the question is how do I know if a serial number is from Apple or not? That is a good question and here is the answer: to know if a serial number is from Apple or not, the only thing you need do is copy the serial number found on your mobile phone and check the authenticity on the Apple website, if the serial number is not found on the Apple store, then you should know that the iPhone you’re holding is fake.

SIM slot port

This is common on most of the fake iPhone products. Another way to detect if your iPhone is fake or not is checking the SIM card slot if its big enough to contain your SIM card without you chipping the card at all. A genuine iPhone mobile from Apple is made in a way that the regular SIM card is not allowed in until it is cut into a smaller size, so if you have an iPhone that allows your SIM card to go in freely without anything done on the SIM card then you’re probably having a fake iPhone.

Default FM radio

It’s so funny how the fake iPhone is built, the maker of the fake iPhone made the phone convenient for the users in a way that most of the popular applications that you might want to download after having your iPhone has been set to come with the phone by default to the extent that even an FM radio application that needs to be downloaded from the app store is included on the iPhone as a freebie. When you see an iPhone with an FM application without you downloading it, then it is probably a fake iPhone.

Memory card slot included

According to Apple, each version of iPhone is made in a way to come with a built in memory space that varies from 8G, 16G to 32G. But it’s amazing that you find some fake iPhone with memory slot card. When you spot a memory card slot from any iPhone that carries the Apple logo, you should know the iPhone is a fake.

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  • Klaus

    My father came today with a iphone 5, and I think that it’ fake. why?

    1. in the menu, there are only 4(+1) rows with aplications, not 5 (+1)

    but, I read what you wrote, and I want to ask you: I need to crop my sim card, becaue it is too big to go in, and second, I have FM radio without downloading it.

    What to think now?

  • rishab chaturvedi

    I purchased an iphone 5 from Bangkok . I showed it in the apple store because it was country locked ,they told me that its fake as it’s serial no. doesn’t match with the apple serial no. But it has all the features that an real iphone 5 has.(ex: nano size sim , iTunes, ios6 etc) . Can anybody please help me out.

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