How to Save Battery on BlackBerry Z10

How to Save Battery on Blackberry Z10Each user has a unique way to use his or her smartphone. However, most of us just want to have our smartphone make it through the day. Some use their phones heavily, while others don’t. This means that what one may consider a great battery life might not be so great for others. If you are a heavy user, your BlackBerry Z10 won’t last throughout the day. Before you sell your BlackBerry phone, take a look at these tips and see if you can save battery life on your BlackBerry Z10.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC

This is an obvious one. Turn off the things you don’t use on your phone. If you are out and about and there is no Wi-Fi, turn it off. Do the same for Bluetooth and NFC. If you just leave them on, they will eat your phone battery’s life. Just go to Settings then navigate to Network Connections to turn them on or off.


Unlike other smartphones, the BlackBerry Z10 does not have auto-dim for the backlight. Turn the backlight down to save battery life. Remember: The brighter the screen, the more battery will be used. Keep it between 10 and 20% and you’ll have a longer battery life. Navigate to Settings and then to Display. You’ll see the menu for brightness.

Screen Timeout

Adjusting the screen timeout can be a big help too. Besides, why leave your screen on for thirty seconds after using it, right? Just navigate to Settings and then to Display to adjust the timeout. Adjust it to 10 seconds.


Make sure your BlackBerry Z10 is locked so that you don’t accidentally “pocket dial.” The Z10 automatically locks itself when you’re not using it, but you can improve it by using a holster so that the device will sleep as well. If you lock your smartphone, you won’t accidentally press icons when it is in your pocket. You may also disable the “Swipe to Unlock” gesture in the settings to prevent accidentally turning it on.

Refresh Settings

If you have many social media apps on your phone, better keep your refresh settings at a high interval. Don’t set it every five minutes because that will drain the battery. You can just set it at one hour or more, depending on what you need.


You may also drop down your network. Change from LTE or 4G to GSM (2G) and you will notice that your phone conserves battery even in desperate situations. Just navigate to Settings, then to Network Connections, and then to Mobile Network.

Close Active Frames

Although not all Active Frames update in the background, most of them do, like battery apps and weather apps. If you leave them open, they will refresh on their own and eat up battery life. If you are not using apps, close the Active Frames so that they will not update in the background.


Use the IMAP, instead of the Exchange ActiveSync. IMAP can schedule the time you want your email to update. Constant notifications can eat up the battery life, so IMAP will be very helpful.


There you go! These are some tips that you can use to save the battery life of your BlackBerry Z10. Just follow these tips and you will notice a big difference. You won’t even have to worry about selling your BlackBerry Z10 due to a lousy battery.

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