Six Reasons Why Cloud Hosting Is Better Than Traditional Hosting

Cloud Hosting Websites

In this era, all the businesses are looking for ways to manage their web hosting needs in a better way. With many options available, website owners can have a hard time figuring out what is best for their site and which companies they should trust.

There are various types of hosting and as the time passes, improved technologies are being introduced. There is the traditional web hosting, and then there is the cloud hosting

Traditional hosting

Traditional hosting is basically of two types, dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Shared hosting is sharing a server with other websites, which produces a risk of security. Small businesses use shared hosting because of its reasonable cost. In dedicated hosting, you usually have only one dedicated server that does your entire job for you, and you do not have to share it with other websites. Dedicated servers are used by established companies because dedicated servers are expensive.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is completely different from shared hosting. You can use computer resources by renting instead of owning a server. Rather than using one server, cloud hosting stores data on multiple servers.

Reasons Why Cloud Hosting Is Better

If we compare cloud hosting and traditional hosting, cloud hosting has the upper hand and here are the reasons why.

1. Payment method

If you are using cloud hosting, you will not have to pay upfront a huge amount. You will only have to pay for the services that you require and use. With traditional hosting, the cost is high as you are also paying for additional software and servers that you might not even need.

2. Security

Your data is secure in cloud hosting because it is isolated and this hosting has customer identity management and provides data backup service. In traditional hosting, your data is at the risk of getting hacked or lost.

3. Fast speed

If you have cloud hosting, your website will be fast because the load is divided equally and your users will have a way better experience. Faster speed will have an overall positive effect on your site’s ranking. With traditional hosting, the site can become slow in times of heavy traffic.

4. Scalability

Cloud hosting is scalable and flexible. If you have shared servers, and your users increase, you will have to get more dedicated servers, and it will go on as long as your business is growing. With cloud hosting, there is no need to buy additional servers.

5. Automated

If you use cloud hosting, you will not have to worry about software updates now and then because of the automated system. With traditional hosting, you have to keep your system up-to-date.

6. Availability

Because of multiple servers in cloud hosting, if one server goes down, your websites will not face any downtime. In traditional hosting, you might encounter this problem if a server becomes faulty.

Cloud hosting is the latest technology, and if you want a scalable and low-cost solution, it is a perfect choice.

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