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Porsche’s Hybrid Technology: Check What’s in the New 911

Porsche 911 GT3. Photo by Axion23. License: CC BY 2.0.

Porsche has a long history of high performance cars. They deliver the best in speed, technology and comfort to the discerning buyer. On the surface, these sorts of cars do not appear to blend with the push towards more economic and alternative forms of motoring. The idea of a plug in hybrid 911 has been mentioned several times in recent years but nothing further has happened – until now. For the first time Matthias Muller, the boss of Porsche, is interested in the concept, although it is clear that it will not become a production car for some years yet.

The possibility

Porsche has admitted that it is possible to create a hybrid 911. In fact, it has already created the 918 Spyder super car and the 919 hybrid race car. This will provide an excellent foundation for the development of a hybrid 911. Porsche is, however, concerned with its reputation and the 911 has a particularly iconic following making it essential to get any hybrid version right. Any hybrid version of this car will require careful analysis of the car and the market before a commitment is made.

The reasons

No matter how famous the brand is, Porsche still needs to comply with European emissions regulations. These are becoming increasingly stringent and this makes it harder for a normally aspirated sports car to comply. Future editions of the 911, such as the one due later this year will arrive with smaller engines and a turbo to ensure the emission standards are met. The current six cylinder engine will be replaced with a 2.5 liter turbocharged four liter engine. The next 911 will also have a face lifted front end but the hybrid technology will not feature until nearer the end of the decade.

The hybrid

The new engine being developed for the 911 will be easy to adapt for use in a hybrid Porsche and will certainly improve emissions and fuel consumption. The next version of this famous vehicle will be based upon a new Porsche platform which is currently being designed by Porsche. We love the concept and we have great expectations from this company! We would love to see a hybrid pack Porsche tyres, design, and other under-the-hood technicals.

It is highly likely that the first hybrid 911 developed by Porsche will utilize an electric motor at each of the axles. This is the same design that has worked well in the 918 Spyder, one of quickest released this year. It should be possible to drive the car on just electric power for short distances and the additional power created by the electric engine should massively increase available horsepower when coupled with the petrol engine. It should certainly be more impressive than the current 911 Turbo S which has 560 horsepower.

The delay

Porsche is very aware of their reputation and image and the need to adhere to this image. They have already confirmed that the supercharged 3.0 V6 petrol engine which is allied to an electric motor in the Cayenne, Panamera and Macan is not an option as it would be against all their principles.

Expectations and advanced technology

An upcoming Porsche 911 hybrid would need to utilize new technology. Porsche is not a huge company and, like any manufacturer has limited funds for research and development. There are many options available to them but attempting them all at once would be a recipe for disaster. The best way to introduce the new technology is in line with when new models are being developed and produced.

The Cayenne is next on Porsche’s lifespan list to need an update so this will become the next opportunity to develop hybrid technology further. 2016 will see an upgrade to the Panamera and the potential for more hybrid advancements and the 911 is scheduled for the tail end of this decade. Porsche is committed to the best technology and will utilize every resource at their disposal to ensure their automobiles stay at the top of the market.

There’s more to Porsche than meets the eye. Even if they said that a hybrid Porsche 911 is not possible yet, this doesn’t mean it will never happen. It will, but good things usually come to those who wait.

Porsche 911 GT3 photo by Axion23. License: CC BY 2.0.

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