The Need for Mobile Audit Software

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Current mobile devices are small computers with a high computational capacity, high accessibility to all company information and high mobility. This makes them an obvious target for attackers, as they are easy to find unattended and subtract, or to be infected due to misuse of the user. Is the protection of your devices adequate? Could an attacker break the password? Install malware? In addition, with the implementation of BYOD policies: Bring Your Own Device (Bring Your Own Device) The ability of a company to establish security requirements in terminals that are not your property makes it very difficult to protect the information Have you already deployed mobile device control software ? Do you need to check if the policies you have deployed are effective?

With the Mobile Audit Software service of Form, we can determine and evaluate the actual degree of security of the mobile terminals of the organization and develop the correct corrective action plan to improve the level of security to the level desired by our customers. In addition, our clients can use our Consulting and Project Management services, through which you can count on our expertice in the matter, to carry out the corrective measures proposed by our auditors.

The state of the software system of a company is a key element for the development of the work activity

Know what programs are installed on our computers, what is their status, possible updates, etc. It is important for business activity to develop without interruptions. If you have doubts about the state of the logical system of the devices of your company, it is necessary to carry out a software audit. And the detailed study of the software server prevents possible legal infractions or theft of information.

The audit analyzes the software program and its consequent IT tools used by an organization. Many of our corporate devices may be exposed to illegal downloading of programs, affecting actions not subject to the law. To prevent this and other cases, it is necessary to know how the software status is.

In addition, in this way, the company can anticipate risks and minimize costs. Also, other aspects that can be highlighted are the security it gives the system. It allows the repair of possible fractures in the system, where it could lose information as well as allow computer attacks to enter. The degree of vulnerability to computer threats is directly related to the questionable use of software without a license. Therefore, the analysis is formed as a beneficial process for our daily work. It makes it possible to advance in the professional task, working safely.

Does your software system need an audit?

There are several signs that make imminent a detailed study of the software server used in a company. The software audit provides a comprehensive view of the state of the organizational network. The created reports delve into what you have and what your software system needs to incorporate. Both users and organizations must work with licensed programs, because the repercussions can be serious.

Companies should consider conducting audits on a regular basis. The first analysis establishes the bases for the following audits, facilitating the work to the employee. Also, when mergers occur or new services are implemented, auditing is necessary. The company has to securely control its system, incorporating the new terminals and checking its status. Facilitating, in turn, the transmission of internal and external communication.

Likewise, from the audit software it is allowed to check the compatibility of the programs that are installed in the computers of the organization. In this way, the updates of them will be fully integrated. The practice of audit software carries out the diagnosis through solutions such as Form. Its technology identifies those weak points to manage them and implement the necessary requirements. It offers solutions based on the reports generated on the status of endpoints in real time.

Mr. Arslan Riaz is an entrepreneur, marketer and writer.

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  • Michael Becker

    We use also a mobile audit software for our company. The fact is that a lot of people work in the traditional way: checklist on paper. The people and the enterprises have to be convinced that mobile forms save their money and their time.

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