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How to Merge PDF Files with Docs.Zone

PDF DocumentThe use of PDF documents to share information is widespread. PDF allows you to conserve the integrity of information within your document. PDF documents are also viewable on various devices making them the best choice for sharing information in the digital age. The only drawback with PDF is that users could not edit them without purchasing specialized software to do so. It was only a matter of time for the demand for conversion tools to rise.

Many software companies have answered the call and provide conversion tools online. However, one website in particular stands out for its innovative approach to conversion of PDF files. That is

This online converter offers users the opportunity to convert PDF to Word, Excel and JPG files. The website also offers services for converting web pages to PDF. Many of these options are available with other online conversion tools. However, one option is not. That is the ‘combining files to PDF’ option.

If you have ever had to include more information into a PDF file or combine information from different documents into a single PDF file, then you know how hard the process can be. Most of us would copy and paste all the information into a single Word document then convert this to a PDF file. This ‘old school’ process is not only tedious, but often results in the loss of formatting along the way.

Ensuring that the resulting documents are as close as possible to the original is something that Docs.Zone is good at. It has proved this with its high quality conversions from the PDF to editable formats such as Word and Excel. Here we test the document merging option.

The Process

One would expect a rather complex process for combining documents into a single PDF file. However, Docs.Zone has made it quite simple. Once you have registered for your account (another simple and fast process), you can begin the merging process as below:

Step 1:

Select the ‘Combine files to PDF’ tab. The icons on the right hand side of the screen should change to show that you have selected this option. It is important to note that you convert more than one file at a time using Docs.Zone. However, the result will be separate files corresponding to the original documents.

The ‘Combine files to PDF’ option does the opposite. It allows you to combine several files into a single PDF file.

Combine PDF Files

Step 2:

Click on ‘Select files…’ A dialogue box will appear. Browse to the folder containing the documents you want to merge into a single PDF file. Hold down the CTRL key and select the files you want to convert.

Combine PDF Files

Step 3:

Click on ‘Open’. This will open a window with all the selected files. Drag and drop the documents in the order that you want the information to appear in the final document.

Combine PDF Files

Step 4:

Click on ‘Start’ to begin the conversion process. Click on ‘Download’ to save the PDF file.

The process is simple and instructions are available on the website. It takes a few minutes to combine files. This will certainly save you hours of copying and pasting.

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