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How to Manage Your Digital Documents with PDF Converter Elite 4

PDF Converter

Whether you are a teacher, an engineer or a housewife, you have to deal with different types of documents and reports every now and then. Regardless of whether you need them for work or for domestic reasons, you need to be skilled with document management. Considering the fact that in the digital era paper will be used less and less in favor of digital documents, you should better start practicing your digital document management skills.

Digital document manipulation can be tricky, especially to those who are not computer savvies. But there are tons of different tools that can help you in the process. When thinking about which tool you should use for document management, have in mind that not all documents are in the same format, but it is highly likely that you’ll often have to deal with files in PDF – a format that is often chosen for work because of its non-editable nature. While it gives users a sense of security, the PDF also presents a problem when it needs to be edited.

One of the best ways to edit a PDF is to use a PDF conversion tool that converts PDFs to editable file formats. But conversion from PDF to editable files is not the only thing you’ll need when managing documents. For example, when you have a non-PDF file (e.g. MS Word), you may want to secure it and keep it confidential, so in that case you will need a PDF creation tool that creates secure PDFs.

PDF Converter Elite 4 can help you in both situations and make your document management effortless.

Easily Edit Your PDF Files

In the first scenario, when you have a PDF document and you want to edit it, you need to convert it to an editable format first. If the PDF in question is a resume, a research paper or any other textual document, the best thing to do is to convert the PDF to Word. However, if you have a financial report with tables, logically, you will convert that PDF to Excel. PDF Converter Elite 4 converts PDFs to all MS Office formats as well as Open Office documents. Additionally, it converts PDFs to AutoCAD, Images, and HTML.

PDF Converter

Here is step-by-step guide to converting a PDF to an editable format:

Start the program and open a PDF file. Choose the type of conversion. For example, if you want to convert a PDF to Word, click on the Word icon. After you do that, a sidebar will appear on the right where you need to select the whole document, a specific area of the document or specific pages. For all types of conversions there are additional settings that you can apply. When you are finished, just click the Convert button and that’s it.

One possible obstacle in this case is a scanned PDF. If you have a scanned document and you want to edit it, you will need to apply scanned PDF conversion. Luckily, PDF Converter Elite incorporates advanced OCR technology which makes conversion of scanned documents possible.

To convert a scanned PDF file, follow these steps:

Once you start the program and open a scanned PDF, go to the Edit tab and then OCR Options. There you will find the option Convert Using OCR – tick it. The next step is the same as in the converting native PDFs procedure.

PDF Converter

Not only can you edit a regular PDF with PCE 4, but you can also edit a scanned PDF. There’s no better way to manage your scanned documents.

Keep Your Files Secure

Another possible scenario in your document management challenges is a need to keep your documents confidential or to allow only certain permissions to other document users.

This is how you can create secure PDF documents in PDF Converter Elite:

When you run the program, access PDF Creation Options from the View tab. To secure a PDF, go to Security tab and tick the Secure PDF box. Then fill in these two fields below – one is a password for users who will have the access to your document and another is your master password. Once you enter the passwords, all permission boxes will be ticked. If you want to remove a specific permission, just untick the box. For instance, you can allow filling in forms or adding comments, but you can forbid copying or modifying the content.

You can change settings for every document you manage, but you can also save the settings as default by clicking the Save as default button. When you are done, just click OK.

PDF Converter

Regardless of how often you’ll be using your neat document management skills, it is always useful to learn something new. You never know when you will need to edit a scanned document or create secured files.

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