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Latest Car Technologies that You Should Have


Technology is changing so fast that by the time you have purchased the latest gadget it is almost out of date. Our world has shrunk enormously thanks to phones becoming mobile and now smart watches. Social media ensures we can remain in contact with anyone, anywhere in the world at any time. Even our cars are loaded with gadgets, every new or updated model comes with some gadget the previous one did not have. Whilst we may be heading towards fully autonomous cars, there are still plenty that need us to do the driving and the following are some of the best gadgets coming onto the market this year:

Autonomous vehicles

Whilst the fully autonomous vehicle remains the stuff of dreams or possibly nightmares, there are signs that the partially autonomous vehicle will be with us soon. They will only work on roads which have very few variables but they will be another step towards a fully automated car.

Driver override systems

The driver override system is already a long way down the path towards autonomous. In the very near future cars will be able to make their own decisions within a given set of variables. These cars will apply the brakes if needed whether your foot is flat to the floor on the gas pedal or not. This will be done via a vast array of sensors processing information regarding speed, driving conditions, proximity to other objects and probably even upcoming traffic issues.

Biometric entrance

We have already moved from keys to keyless entry. Granted the key is still present but you don’t need to do anything with it for the car to unlock and start. The problem with this is it still relies on a radio signal to work. These are vulnerable to professional thieves with scanners. The next logical step is biometric scanners – already present in phones and computers. Simply scan your finger print climb in and start the car. Anyone with your finger can do it!

Vehicle tracking

GPS tracking is already everywhere, your phone can be tracked, your GPS and even the in-car assistance. The next step will be insurance companies and probably governments tracking mileage and driving styles to provide accurate insurance quotes and potential a fee per mile driven. Of course, the government could also use this information to provide automatic fines for speeders.

Active Window Displays

Envision an image displayed on your screen telling you which way to go, no distractions, your eyes never need to leave the road. Even your speed and other vital statistics will be within your field of vision. Active window displays have to be a benefit to safety.

Remote vehicle shutdown

This already exists but is not very well known about. Ideally, the remote vehicle shutdown technology is used to end police chases or stop car thieves in their tracks. Clever hackers may even be able to randomly shut cars down although this could cause some serious issues. One thing is sure; as the public becomes more aware of this existing technology it will not be received well.

Health monitoring

There are already hundreds of sensors in the car. It can sense if you are departing from your lane, driving too fast, or even too slow. Potentially, a car can brake if you are too close to the one in front. It is only a small step to add sensors to the seatbelt to monitor the health of the driver. Should your heart stop it would be able to stop the car and alert the emergency services.

Personalised marketing

A car already links with your mobile devices; soon it will connect directly to the internet. Not only will this provide real time diagnostics and potential assist in breakdowns it will provide in journey movies and games or reading. More importantly for retailers, it will allow them to provide you with marketing based on where you are combined with what they already know of your likes and dislikes. There will be no escape.

Hard top convertibles already have roofs which slide and tuck into the boot. In this case, the next step will be for whole sections of the body to tuck away, turning a family car or small SUV into a pick-up truck or similar. Today’s high tech cars are robots in disguise or transformers that blend revolutionary car parts with super advanced techs to make them pioneering driving devices.

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