ICU – A New Way of Restoring Desktop Icon Layout

Suppose you have categorized the desktop icons according to your desire and the very next time you start up the Windows, you only find that the icons have been arranged differently. Doesn’t it happen all time? Windows keeps on re-arranging the desktop icons every time it is started. This can happen, if you add some new icons to your desktop or install some new software and so on. You might be bored of arranging and re-arranging your desktop icons time and again.

Why don’t you save and restore the icons layout? A freeware tool named as ICU or Icon Configuration Utility is now available to facilitate you to restore your icons design on the desktop.

ICU or Icon Configuration Utility

  • For downloading this software, you should go to Softpedia. The downloadable file is available in the portable version having a size of 1.5 megabytes.
  • Once you have completed the downloading, extract all its contents from the ZIP archive to one folder of your desktop.
  • Double click ICU.exe file and your ICU app will start functioning.

ICU Icon Configuration Utility

The best part of this app is you need not have to install any additional software or hardware for using this app. You will really be happy to see its user-friendly interface.

Can you see a green box at the top right hand corner of ICU window? If so, it means you can use the software for restoring and saving the desktop icon layout. However, when the box is red and you get the message such as “Working”, you cannot use its functions. Once you have organized your desktop according to your wish, click the “Save” button for saving the layout.

Once you save the layout, it automatically gets listed in the ICU window. Say you have made an icon layout and now you want to set the same layout again, you only have to click the “Restore” button. The selected icons get restored once again.

Come and use this handy tool right away for organizing the desktop icons!

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  • Ludwig

    That used to happen to me every time I started Windows, but it works ok now with ICU. It’s not that serious to have a good layout but it’s nice to have it.

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