High-Tech Hosting – 4 Easy to Install Tech Wonders That Will Wow Your Airbnb Guests

Smart Home

Dressing to impress has never steered anyone wrong. Making a good first impression sets you up for success both immediately and further down the line. Whenever possible, you want to make sure you bring the wow factor. Your home shouldn’t be treated any differently, especially when you’re running an Airbnb home.

High-tech wonders are pretty much expected as the standard in vacation accommodation these days, so it’s a good idea to invest in some fancy features for your home before uploading your listing. And you don’t need to go and take out a second mortgage to fully refurbish your home. Here are four relatively affordable, easy-to-install options that can help make your place shine:

Lock it up

Your visitors first face-to-face interaction with your home is critical to how they’re going to feel for the rest of their stay, so making it a good experience is key. Bluetooth door locks for Airbnb are a simple way to improve security and ensure that the beginning of your guest’s stay pops. Regular keys can be lost or stolen, compromising your home and the safety of your guests. Bluetooth locks are completely controlled from the palm of your hand and have backups if your phone goes missing.

Sensor lights

This tip isn’t overly high-tech at its basic level but installing sensor lights around your property can greatly improve the security of your dwelling and safety of your guests. They also offer added convenience for anyone who’s meant to be at the property as hunting for rogue light switches for outdoor areas will quickly become a thing of the past. If you really want to wow your guests, you can install sensors or timers on the lights within your home and give them permission to manage these functions for the duration of their stay.

Smart home systems

Why stop at your lights though? Smart home systems are becoming more advanced all the time and the great thing is, as technology moves forward, the companies creating this tech keep designing easier ways to control it. Smart assistants connect to such things like blinds and small appliances, scoring you massive brownie points when it comes time for your visitors to leave their reviews at the end of their stay. Smart systems can also provide a massive drawing card for choosing your place over others when included in your listing.


Another super simple way to wow your guests is by setting up a robotic vacuum cleaner to float around and do its thing at a convenient time of day. Guests will appreciate your dedication to cleanliness and you’ll be glad that there’s one less chore on your schedule (or the cleaner’s bill). Bonus points for this one if you allow the guests to control the schedule during their stay as it will feel like they’ve got their own personal maid making sure everything stays nice.

These systems are easy to integrate into your home and they’ll really make your property shine on Airbnb and other similar platforms. As mentioned, they’re also great for helping your property stand out against other similar properties on apartment-sharing platforms. The best part is, you’ll also reap the benefits when you’re the one staying in your home because increased security and convenience are never bad. Choose options that suit your home and preferences, set it up and watch the positive reviews fly in.

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