How High Speed Internet Changed Life as we Know it

People today rely on the internet in ways they don’t understand. For people born after 1980 it’s hard to understand how we lived before internet technology. We have created a list of ways internet has changed life as we know it so that younger people can appreciate the technology they have.

Reading Mail From a Smartphone

EnvelopeBefore high-speed internet people had to wait for things they wanted. For example, if you wanted to find out how an old friend was doing you might have to write a letter (on paper!) and send it by post. It could take up to a week to arrive, a week for your friend to write a letter and go buy stamps to respond, and another week for their letter to return to you. Today, an email reaches a smartphone owner as quickly as you can press ‘send,’ and he or she can respond in moments.

Calling Long Distance

Just a decade ago it was quite expensive to make long distance calls. Teens would have to wait all day to impatiently ask their parents’ permission to call out-of-state friends. Today, teens can hop on the high-speed internet connection and dial away with Skype and other free services. In fact, many people today have dropped house phone lines because cell phones and internet calls make them obsolete.

Sending Emails

Back when You’ve Got Mail came out email seemed revolutionary. People thought it was fabulous that they could send electronic mail in just a few short minutes using dialup internet. Today people would be shocked if it took them several minutes to logon to the internet, another 60 seconds to open an email site, and more than a minute to send an email. High-speed internet has even changed the way people send emails: from logging on to getting a send receipt, this can be done with high-speed internet in just moments rather than minutes.

Ordering Online

With high-speed internet people can order pizzas via email or restaurant sites. Companies can create group orders that allow each employee to select a meal, and families can check restaurant reviews before pulling into a parking lot. In the past people had to try a restaurant to find out if it was good: today’s diners would never waste a meal and an evening on a question mark.

Watching TV On a Laptop

Your grandparents would be shocked to watch you watch an old episode of Gilligan’s Island on your laptop. It’s truly incredible that high-speed internet allows sites like Netflix to create online encyclopedias of old and new television programs. In the past if you were craving an episode of Gilligan’s Island you might have to wait weeks to find it in the TV Guide, and then be home to see it air. Today you can find it online in moments and click ‘play’ effortlessly.

High-speed internet has changed the way we live and relax. People today take conveniences for granted until there’s a thunderstorm that drops power lines. However, just a few short years ago today’s conveniences were impossible.

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