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Great Educational Apps For Android

It’s an obvious fact that phones play an increasing role in a student’s life in this time and age. Smartphones are increasingly being used, both as an educational and entertainment device by school as well as college students. A lot of educational apps are available in the apps store and we have collected a few of them which we think will help you manage your education better and more productively.


Evernote AppEvernote is a popular app which lets users to take notes, photos, etc and save it for future reference. We can also record voice and audio notes. Evernote easily creates to-do lists and adds reminders within the app. Key feature that makes it so popular among students as well as others is its user friendly interface and cross platform compatibility. Notes can be organized by adding tags and moreover they are completely searchable as well as the notes and data can be later edited. If the data in the app needs to be kept secure, a pin lock feature is also available

School Helper

School Helper AppAs the name implies this app is suitable for school going kids. School helper helps the kid in organizing his school life, taking up important notes, timetable, exam schedule etc for later reference. This app also allows the user to add separate shortcuts to the home screen for easy access. Thus the kid can create widgets for homework, exam etc which helps in tracking the work. School Helper also prioritizes home works to be done. This app encourages the kid to calculate the marks needed for the desired average thereby fixing a target mark for the exam.


Graphing calculator

Graphing Calculator AppThe graphing calculator app enables the phone to do all functions did by a scientific calculator under high resolution function plotter. It can plot and trace multiple equations on the same graph, both polar and parametric equations, implicit equations and even inequalities which makes it a great tool for math and calculus. The student doesn’t need to do any additional calculations since the graph can be evaluated at any selected x value without losing much time. Moreover screen shots can be taken and mailed for further reference.

National Geographic World Atlas

Natgeo AppNational Geographic World Atlas app helps us to view the world atlas through our phone. This app got the geographic maps of all the countries, the respective flags and important information of the particular country. The user can also get an idea about the climatic conditions on spot by the minute weather option. We can also view latitude and longitude indications. It’s a cool app portraying the world in different styles such as classic, satellite and roadmap. In between the currency converter option added makes this app more practical for learning.

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