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One of the places in which children learn various kinds of life skills is the playground. Almost every game allows children to learn problem-solving and team spirit.

All these skills and more come in handy even when the child grows up. But the playing does not have to stop! Games can help an adult as well – may not always be on a traditional playground but video games can help in abilities and skills needed for driving.

Choose your games

There are different kinds of games out there that can help you hone skills needed to find your way in your car and on different kinds of roads. The most obvious choice will be racing video games. But there are also games that are aimed at cognitive development. Try games that necessitate strategic planning as well.

The idea is that these games help in improving:

  • Problem solving thought process.
  • Brain development.
  • Taking responsibility for one’s actions and so on.

Decision time

Most of the times it is a question of taking the right decision that separates a good driver from the reckless one. Driving in the real world can bring together many different elements all at once and you will have to decide on the correct course of action.

Think of a situation which brings together:

  • The fact that you are running late for an important meeting.
  • A crying child in the back seat – who has to be dropped off at the crèche en route your office.
  • A pedestrian who is distracted by his phone and crosses the road in front of you.
  • Speed limit restrictions.
  • A vehicle in front of you as well.

All plausible conditions isn’t it? So what would you decide and how long will you take to decide the same? A game can help your ability to think quickly and correctly.

Motor skills

Motor skills, literally and figuratively, are all about hand eye coordination and the ability to drive your car as if it is an extension of your brain and hand. Even as your eyes see the condition in front of you, your brain takes a decision and your hands execute the decision. This entire process should be done naturally and quickly. Games can help you in doing this.

For instance, a shooter game is the perfect example to render for this skill. There may be innocents in your line of fire and you should spend a fraction of a second in sizing up the location of your enemy and line of sight as far as firing your gun is concerned.


This is vital for driving too. You cannot do away with distractions. Some of them may exist within your car and some of them will be in the world outside. Games can help you realize how you should focus on the task at hand. Strategic planning games can also help you nourish this skill.

Indubitably, games can help a whole range of skills necessary to make you a better driver in the real world.

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