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Future Tech Ideas

Lamborghini Insecta Concept
The Lamborghini Insecta Concept is a design study of a 2-seater mid-engined supercar created by Romanian Iulian Bumbu. The design combines the brand’s styling cues with elements inspired by insect exoskeletons. As Iulian Bumbu explains “The idea was to create an extreme race-oriented supercar with a style that introduces softer and more organic lines and integrate them into the geometrical style of Lamborghini.” The main inspiration came from nature, and in particular from the exoskeletons found in insects (bugs). This kind of “armour” appearance is particularly visible in the back and top views.

A 21st Century Poseidon Adventure: Virgin Introduces New “Underwater Plane”
If you’ve always dreamt of diving down to 20,000 leagues under the sea, then news of Virgin’s new “underwater plane” will be music to your ears, though perhaps not to your wallet. The Necker Nymph, Virgin Limited Edition’s DeepFlight three-person aero-submarine (what a mouthful… ), is an open cockpit winged sub that will take tourists down to the ocean floor on an underwater flight to explore shipwrecks, swim side-by-side with dolphins, or cruise along with whales. Needless to say, it is the first of its kind on the market.

Germanium Laser Breakthrough Brings Optical Computing Closer
Researchers at MIT have demonstrated the first laser that uses the element germanium. The laser, which operates at room temperature, could prove to be an important step toward computer chips that move data using light instead of electricity, say the researchers. “This is a very important breakthrough, one I would say that has the highest possible significance in the field,” says Eli Yablonovitch, a professor in the electrical engineering and computer science department of the University of California, Berkeley who was not involved in the research told “It will greatly reduce the cost of communications and make for faster chips.”

Eco shocker: Turbine Light concept uses wind to light highways
Ingenious, eco-friendly concepts are all around us, there’s no denying that. This one caught our eye because it’s pretty innovative, seemingly well thought out, and good looking to boot. The Turbine Light concept (which is going to be a part of the upcoming Greener Gadgets conference in New York City at the end of this month) harnesses the power of the wind from cars rushing past to light up the ever-darkening roadways. The turbines use the wind collected to generate energy for the lighting, and while the concept lacks a lot of firm details so far, but we’re sure to find out more about it soon – we’ll be sure to check them out at the conference on February 25th.

Farms That Reach the Sky
If people can live in high rises, why can’t plants. Well, with the introduction of vertical farming, now they can! The concept was developed in 1999 by Dickson Despommier and several of his graduate students to help solve food shortages. Today, there is one commercially viable vertical farm located in Paignton Zoo in the UK. However there are many advantages and disadvantages to a vertical farming system. With an ever increasing population, the problem of food shortage is becoming a very real problem. By 2050 the population is expected to grow by 3 billion. To feed all of those extra people will take more land and water than we currently have. Enter vertical farming.

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