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Essential Facts About Wordcount Tool


The word count tool is essential for writing, especially in advertising, publishing, academic, and legal proceedings. By utilizing this tool, you will be able to decide how many words are there in your text or essay. You can check to see if there are enough words or it has exceeded the desired limit. It includes everything in the body of the text such as headings, tables, quotes, lists, citations, etc. The list of references, appendices and footnotes are not included in the word count except it is definitely fixed in the assignment instructions that the element is an exception to this rule. This tool has reliable way of counting that can impact your accuracy.

Facts about word counter

Reach your requirements by utilizing the word count tool. This is the free online tool that counts the number of words in a text. Word count applications on the computer are huge usefulness. It is easy to use online tools for counting words, sentences, characters, paragraphs and pages in real-time along with spelling and grammar checking. Word and counts will show at the top, any writing mistakes will be underlined and your most frequently used keyword will show to the right. If your text is longer than 360 characters the counter will displays you the number of sentences, paragraphs, and pages instead. This counter has useful metrics for articles, blogs, papers, dissertations, essays, and other long-form content.

Benefits of word counter

One more exciting feature of this online word counter tool is extraordinary. is a unique tool that can help assist you in calculating the words, letters, and characters in a particular piece of content. If you utilizing this count tool, you can save time. You no need to worry about accuracy because all the functions have been checked before offering it to the common count tool. Here are some advantages of counter tool.

  • It is a free online tool.
  • It is quickly and easily counts the words in the whole content.
  • The counter tool is easy to find and use.
  • This tool has helpful additional options.

This tool helps in many parts. It only depends upon the intention of the one who examines through it. So, you can calculate the words. Through this counter, you can able to know how many words and characters are present in the entire article. The interesting thing is that you will also awake the number of white spaces that appears between the whole content.

How to count the words in a paragraph?

Word count tool is important whether you are writing an essay, report, or book. The simple way to count the total number of words in an essay is to write it in MS word or some other word processing application. Every word count as one word no matter it is a short word or long word. Even a number or a single letter word will count as one word if it is divided by spaces on either side of the number or word.

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