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Enhancing Your Gadgets From Strength To Strength

Old Computer

Nowadays, we are living in a replacement society. If something breaks, it’s not a big deal; we will simply go out and buy another one. Sure, it’s a bit taxing on the ol’ wallet, but it’s nothing that a bit of finance/saving won’t sort out. We are adverse to fixing things, despite the mounds of websites that are out there for our perusal which take us through whatever we need to do step by step. How would our ancestors have coped? Well, it doesn’t matter – we’ve got the means to forget about previous generations in order to comply by society’s demands as we stand currently.

However, when also ditch our tech when it’s starting to slow down, isn’t the most recent upgrade/model or we’re not using it enough. So what can we do with those pieces that are going up to gadget heaven?


Although it’s a bit of a far-out suggestion, quite a lot of people are turning to sites like Pinterest to look for inspiration. This is to turn one thing into something else. So, for example, an old desktop screen into a fishtank, a smartphone into a working piece of art and so on and so forth. There are so many uses that you can get out of the wires that you find in the tower of a computer, yet these are also mainly all for decorative purposes when looking for what you can do with them. Others are using their old desktops for sole project – so only to Skype, FaceTime or use as a camera base/wifi spot. There are lots of things that can be done with an old computer, especially if it was bought in the past 15 years – don’t give up on it!


Although we are constantly striving for better, in most cases all we need to do it add to what we’ve got. A completion of a project, if you will. This is especially true in the case of gaming PCs; a lot of true, dedicated gamers are still sticking to their desktop setup, and while there are many flexible options for your next gaming PC, there is also the choice of adding to what you’ve currently got. Updating the RAM, buying an external hard drive to safely store away anything that’s taking up memory and upgrading the system that you’re operating on are all foolproof ways of getting more out of your computer than you previously would have done.


If all else fails and you don’t want a piece of tech-art, nor do you want to put the time and effort into blowing life into what you’ve already got, remember to recycle. If you choose to do this, make sure that everything that you have had stored on your computer has been wiped off for your own security. Doing a full system clear should help with this, but if you’re stuck on how to go about it, always ask a professional or a trusted friend who knows what they’re doing.

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