Discover the Versatility of Plastic Rivets


Rivets are hardware items that are designed to fasten materials and mechanical parts. Many people know about metallic rivets. They are quite common. However, not many know about plastic ones.

Plastic rivets are used in various items in our lives. They are applied to fasten together the materials and parts in:

  1. Furniture
  2. Electrical appliances
  3. Toys and play items
  4. Office equipment
  5. Rockets
  6. Construction materials
  7. Vehicles for recreation

As seen above, this type of rivets has many different applications. Since they can be used on items of various sizes, the rivets are categorized in a variety of sizes, styles and configurations. In addition to that, they are manufactured in many designs as well. Despite looking very similar, each category of plastic rivet is different from the other.

A good example of plastic rivets similar in appearance and purpose but different designs are the Pro Lok rivet and the two-prong pre-driven rivet. Despite being used for the same purpose, the Pro Lok plastic rivet is used for situations where the final appearance of the riveted surface is important. It has a smooth, oversized head. As a result, it looks good when used to fasten a surface.

Plastic rivets are versatile. This is because they can be fastened by hand or by use of a machine. Of the many plastic rivets that are available today, the one piece fastener is arguably the most versatile. This rivet has a pre-driven pin.

If you need to perform a front mount fastening job, then this rivet is ideal for you. This rivet can also be removed and used again. It is easy to use and fasten because it is a push-type plastic rivet. This type of rivet is commonly used to fasten and secure components of electronic circuit boards as well as the guards of cooling fans.

Some plastic rivets are used on any given material. One that is capable of this is the plastic R-Lock expansion rivet. Thanks to its design, it can be used for many different purposes. However, it is especially effective when used to fasten materials, such as rubber, urethane and padded, soft surfaces.

One of the other versatile rivets that can be used is the three and four pronged plastic rivet that is not driven. This one is available in many styles and proportions. For this reason, it can be used in panels of various thicknesses and materials as well.

Some other variations of plastic rivets include:

  1. Ratchet rivets
  2. R-Tite rivets
  3. Snap rivets

The ratchet rivets are used for materials that are rigid and compressible. R-Tite plastic rivets were designed and manufactured for use in situations where a controlled grip range is required. This second type of rivet is designed such that it has an R-Tite design that has two pieces on it. Snap rivets are used to connect flat panels together firmly. They are also utilized if the head must look finished on both sides.


Plastic rivets are of many types and can be used for various applications. From computers, RVs, professional equipment to rockets, these rivets are used to hold their surfaces together.

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