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The Changing Trends in Vehicle Technology


A vehicle is indeed one of the best combinations that one can imagine of two great inventions: wheel and combustion engine. The technology of auto vehicles is progressing with time. The inventor of first car, Karl Benz, would have never thought of his invention as more than a means of transport. The changes in technology have made the cars one of the efficient machinery that is the finest means of transport and luxury. World-renowned companies are working to make the drive more efficient and comfortable. Large trucks and cranes are being used to transport heavy machinery and luggage.

The production of cars increased rapidly by the middle of the last century. This unfortunately led to ignorance of global warming. It was late in the last century that environmentalists realized that emission of carbon is one of the major causes of global warming. Center for International Climate and Environmental Research in 2008 found that 15% of global warming is due to the transport sector.

Keeping in view this precarious situation, the companies are moving towards hybrid cars. These cars will help in decreasing carbon emissions, as they are eco-friendly. Hybrid cars are no less efficient than any other combustion engine cars. They are reliable, cost-effective, and complete of latest technology that a driver can have to ride and go green.

Most of the big carmakers are now interested in hybrid technology. One of the greatest examples of Hybrid car is the newly introduced Active Hybrid 7 by BMW. It is one of the elegant luxury hybrid car introduced in the market. An intelligent energy system is installed which allows the engine to systematically store energy and helps you give emission free driving. All the other companies are also following such standards that are helping to save environment from carbon contents.

Hence, the changing trend in technology in automobile industry is also bringing easiness for the consumers. The navigation systems allow the users to easily locate their destination and save time. These systems are very common in the US but are rare in developing countries. The diverse demand has also resulted in production of small convenient cars to luxury cars so that everyone can take benefit out of them.

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