Building a Computer vs Buying One… Which Way to Go?

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A few decades ago, computers were seen as the most sophisticated things existing, to most of us who are not tech savvy. However, in the modern day, most people own or use a computer, and this has helped many to understand their computers better. Unfortunately, this understanding is mostly limited to the operations of the computer as most people can’t be able to identify anything once their machine is opened. This lack of knowledge of the inner part of a computer has made building one seem like a massive task that most would shy away from.

Not everyone is afraid of tackling the challenge of building a computer, and it is no surprise to see custom computers that come in varying shapes and sizes being used today. If you are here, you may be probably pondering on whether to take on the challenge of building your unit or just buying a new one. Here is a detailed guide on the good and bad of each side and an insight into the best option for your situation.

Why You Should Consider Building Your Computer


The first apparent advantage of building your computer is that you can get yourself a powerful machine that won’t cost you as much as it would have had you opted to buy one. Buying a machine that has been assembled by another person ordinarily dictates that the price has to be higher especially if the components are high end. Building your rig allows you to put powerful parts at a lower price.

Know Your Stuff:

When building your computer, you decide on the nature of components you assemble. If you do your research well enough, you will be able to picture your computers prowess. There is always an underlying motive behind why you want to build your computer, and this will help you to save money that would have been spent on buying components that you do not need. If you do not require internet connectivity, forget about buying a wireless card.

Aside from that, building your device gives you a better understanding of the machine. When something starts going haywire, you will be in a great position to quickly diagnose and fix the faulty part. This saves you the time and agony involved in sending the computer over to a manufacturer to get it repaired.

A Chance to Get More Adventurous:

The task of building your computer is exciting and a chance to express your creativity. You are not limited to the boring cases computers come in, and you could decide to go wild with colors that blend with your room or anything else. Your desktop computer doesn’t have to be a regular desktop as you could even build it on the wall. Take advantage of this chance to make something you have always wanted to have.

Reasons Why You Should Not Build Your Computer

It Can Be Quite a Task:

Do not be misled and think that building a computer is an easy task. It is not extremely difficult, but it requires some prior knowledge of the operations of the different components and their compatibility issues. Luckily, some great online resources can offer you a lot of useful information required to build your computer successfully.

It Isn’t All About the Hardware:

Assembling the computer hardware is one thing but getting the system running is another hurdle. You need to boot up the computer, and you will most likely be met with the BIOS. These menus will depend on your computer’s specifications, and you need to do some research on how to start up the operating system efficiently.

It May Fail:

It is not guaranteed that a custom built computer will always work. You can spend a lot of time doing research and assembling a machine just to find that it does not work due to an issue that you may not be aware of. Your computer could also have some loose fittings that damage the components once you power it. Building a computer is a sensitive process that can be ruined by one single mistake.

Buying a Computer – Why You Need to Do It


There are some essential things you need to be aware of before buying a computer, but these things can’t be compared to what you have to know before building one. If you figure out what you need on a computer, all you have to do is find one with the appropriate specifications and purchase it.

The setup of a new computer is also more straightforward since most of them already have an operating system installed. You will only be required to follow the steps outlined and be sure to have your machine up and running within no time.


If the computer has some issues, you can just take it back to the store and get it repaired or replaces. The people working in these shops are experienced and would most probably find the problem and solve it faster than you would do. Even if the computer starts experiencing issues that do not require you to return it to the store, you could contact the tech support and ask them to guide you on the best way of solving the particular problem.

Saves Time:

If you have the financial muscle and lack time, there is no doubt that buying a new machine is your best shot. There are plenty of fantastic computers up for sale, and you could use the time required to build a computer working on other things and earning more money than you would have saved had you opted to make your rig.

Why You Should Avoid Buying a Computer

Inflated Prices:

If you compare the price range between two computers that have a slight difference on the storage, you would agree that manufactured computers come at inflated costs. This makes buying a new computer a costly venture for no apparent reason.

You Cant Ascertain the Components Quality:

It is common to find people buying a computer and finding out that something is amiss once they start using it. This is because you cant determine the quality of the components and such low-quality components could significantly hinder your user experience.

Hard to Upgrade:

Computers are very sensitive to compatibility issues, and this limits people from upgrading. You cannot determine the exact specification of the components used, and upgrading may risk the computer’s stability and lead to issues such as overheating.

Which Is the Best Way to Go?

At this point, you should have a clear idea of what is best for you. If you have the time and think that you can build your computer, take on the challenge. You will save some money, but it will be a process that could backfire spectacularly.

If you are doubting your abilities and have enough money, save yourself from all the fuss and just purchase a new computer. When you have the time and knowledge, you can go ahead and build yourself the computer of your dreams.

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