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Blackberry Apps and Top Games

BlackBerry-PhoneMany competitors on the market have been looking out over the competition in the smart gadgets market. Not only the phones but also the laptops are in competition as well. Many companies have made laptops with touch screens now, considering the demands of the users all around the world. LG, Samsung, Nokia, Toshiba, Dell, HP etc are all working in their capacity for the competition as well so that they can keep up with the top positions on the market.

BlackBerry smart phones

BlackBerry has been the best among the cell phone providers who has the ability to utilize the smart technology and adopt the new interventions easily. The owner company RIM (Research in Motion) has made it sure that the users all around the world are able to use the BlackBerry phones with the proper updates in technology, software and apps.

Some of the many apps offered by the BlackBerry app world are so famous that their downloading ratio increases every day. They have been on top of the list for users and the word of mouth generated by the users all around the world also keep up their rankings

Famous apps

Some of the apps that are famous are as follows:

  • Bee Tag is for all those who have been using the shopping list and want to manage their budget while shopping. All you need to do is turn this app on and then keep reading the bar codes as soon as you pick up a product from the counters. This will help you to get information on the product features as well its price too.
  • Ever Note is another app for all those who have to keep on writing text documents even if they do not have the MS Word or any device that has good text manipulators. You can use this app to construct long emails and text documents without any spelling errors. You can also import the data with other text document apps on other devices from Ever Note.
  • Amazon is for all those who love shopping online. They can use this app to browse the Amazon heavier website without any hindrance. You can now look for all the products that you want to buy, check their online prices and then you will be able to buy them online from Amazon.
  • Screen Grabber is just like the snap shot feature of the iPhones. You can now use this app to make sure you garb hold of the picture of the screen you are using. This app will save the picture in your picture folder and you can easily access all the snap shots you need.
  • The player for YouTube is a standalone app that will be used for playing and downloading all the YouTube apps. You can now not worry about the streaming of the media files. Just open this app and you will be easily directed to the videos of YouTube without any streaming and time taking loading the files.

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