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The Awesome Ways Your New TV Can Enhance Your Life

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The TV is far from being a new type of gadget in our homes, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t continue to get better with every new model. Producers manage to impress us with better resolutions, enhanced viewing experience, better-looking devices, and even new features. As you can realize, the effort to create new devices is quite impressive but with approximately 116 million TV households in the US between 2015 and 2016 (source: it’s completely understandable.

The truth is that a new TV implements a series of features that can make our lives better when it comes to entertainment. And this is on top of the fact that new devices are more energy-friendly and they look better!

1. Improved connectivity

Have you ever played a mobile game on your smartphone and felt the screen was too small? With a modern TV, you won’t have this problem anymore! Most new devices support DLNA which allows your DLNA-certified smartphone or tablet to connect using the WiFi in the house.

If your TV doesn’t support DLNA, you always have the possibility to use cables or add an adaptor that will make the connection. Regardless of method, the basic idea is that you can play mobile games on your phone and display the image on your TV; pretty cool right?

2. Improved entertainment experience

A new TV also means a better resolution, better colors and an overall improved entertainment experience. For example, if you’ve always wanted to try Satellite TV packages but you were limited by the quality of the image on your old TV, now the way is completely open. Modern devices are designed to support a wide area of sources to make sure you can diversify your video experience.

The best example is represented by the online streaming services (Netflix, Hulu) that can now be accessed directly from your TV. All you need is a smart device that can be connected to the Internet and allows you the possibility to install apps.

3. The thrill of getting a new device

Even though we are used to having smart devices in the house, we always get a bit nervous when it comes to acquiring a new one. The thrill of owning a modern TV is particularly powerful as this device comes with a plethora of new and amazing features that must be tested in every possible way. Just imagine seeing your favorite movie on a bigger, brighter and sharper screen!

This thrill can be enhanced if you decide to combine it with a DIY project. For example, you may want to build a special support for your new TV that will offer a better viewing angle and an improved overall experience. Just make sure to read all about doing a custom TV support first.

4. More comfort

We all know those frustrating moments when the TV remote control gets lost and you’re stuck watching the current channel. Even though modern TV devices also come with a remote control, they can also be controlled with your smartphone or tablet. Even more, you can add a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to use it for browsing online.

Modern TV devices are awesome when it comes to creating a better life for their owners! With features that focus on improving the user experience, these devices will definitely continue to get better and better.

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