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Email marketing is still one of the most important ways that online businesses generate leads and find new customers. However, this form of marketing can be time-consuming when it comes to putting together and getting out the information to your leads. While there have been many automation systems on the market, SendPulse has garnered considerable attention for the features that it offers.

What is SendPulse?


SendPulse is a platform designed to let you create, oversee, and send out email newsletters, SMS messages, and texts along with web-push notifications without having to learn HTML or complicated software. The system itself is designed so that you can drag-and-drop the information in the SendPulse editor, use a template that you create or one that is found in the SendPulse library, and send it out to prospective leads, clients, and customers.

Since SendPulse is capable of reaching its audiences through multiple avenues, this gives the user higher chances of getting their message seen. Meaning if a user’s subscriber didn’t open an email, they can be reached via SMS or by a web-push notification, maximizing audience reach. Good luck finding another service offering these capabilities.

AI & Machine Learning

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform is designed to streamline the process so that it maximizes the open rate for emails and provides greater volume for SMS messages and web push notifications. It is a self-contained system that helps both new and experienced marketers create new leads and keep in contact with customers.

Here’s how it works:

  • A user profile is created based on a subscribers data
  • Predictive behavior is measured and creates emails with the best engagement potential.
  • Send out communications at the best times and channels thus doubling your open rate.

Keep in mind, some of the more advanced AI features SendPulse has to offer are currently in development and will be released sometime in the near future. Not many of these platforms are integrating AI so it’s good to see SendPulse moving in the right direction.



There are several advantages that SendPulse offers with its automation system that is designed for anyone to put out bulk SMS messages, email newsletters, and web-push notifications.

  • Intuitive Design: Perhaps the most noticeable advantage is the overall platform design itself which makes learning the system quite easy. Everything is step-by-step and you can go at your own pace in developing new emails, messages, and notifications that help get you better results.
  • Large Quota: The integrated platform allows for some of the largest quotas in terms of free plans for SMTP server and email sending services with the fewest restrictions in terms of function. Bottom line, you can get more out for less money using SendPulse for your bulk email and texts.
  • Free Web Push Notifications: A bonus in using this system is the free web push notifications which allows you to expand your reach without spending more money. This provides SendPulse with a clear advantage over many of its competitors.

Highly Regarded


In addition to the benefits that SendPulse provides, the system itself has been highly praised by respected sources within the industry.

  • The Next Web Scale Pitch Competition 2016: Finalist
  • The Next Web: Recognized as one of the best startups for 2016

The awards and accolades for SendPulse reflect the overall achievement of this bulk email, SMS message, and web push system as it has helped online businesses create new leads and keep in contact with their customer base. Although still a new system, SendPulse has proven to be a real winner with those who are quite familiar with their established competitors.

All in all, SendPulse is proving to be a very effective alternative to pricier automation systems thanks to its combination of intuitive design, AI platform, and large bulk rate that makes sending out email, messages, and notifications easier than ever. If you are just starting out or have become tired of using your current automation system, SendPulse is a very effective alternative at the right price.

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