Airtame: The Wireless Revolution for Your Business

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In the current high-tech world, almost everything is digital. There are new technological innovations nearly every day in many sectors. New software and hardware devices have been invented in an attempt to make work and communication more effective. Most of these have become a must-have for a smooth and effective running of any institution.

Despite being of great importance in the day to day life, some of the hardware devices are annoying due to their many connecting cables. This is especially when one is trying to create a less cluttered room. Fortunately, some wireless devices can help you acquire the professional look you are longing for. Airtame is an excellent example of a wireless HDMI device that you can use for streaming in conference rooms and other workspaces.

Unlike some wireless HDMI devices, you can rely on Airtame to work with any operating system, be it Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, or Android. It is also compatible with any projector or screen provided it has an HDMI port. When using Airtame, you do not have to plug other devices into your computer or smartphone. All that you require to have is the Airtame app and a stable WiFi or ethernet internet connection, and you will comfortably stream your content to the screen.

Management and maintenance of your screens is easy with Airtame.Users can get overviews of their Airtame’s standby or homescreens. There are other additional features to state what happens with the images captured of a devices homescreen. For instance, images are only sent to the cloud accounts that have enabled homescreen.

Digital signage functionalities are also supported by Airtame. For this reason, there is more room for appealing, engaging and dynamic work-spaces with Airtame’s homescreen apps – Unsplash, Trello, Google Slides and World Clock.

Through the use of Google Slides, employees can create and edit a presentation online, and have it presented in the background as informative digital signage. A wireless display can be used to pass any information relevant to employees in the office.

Additionally, World Clock helps the organization keep track of time. This is especially when they are working with clients in different time zones.

Unsplash serves high quality and beautiful photos that serve as screensavers when the screens are on standby mode. The photos can be set based around a particularly tag, such as a city, allowing for hyper focused imagery presented around your work space (great if you thematically named meeting rooms). This creates an inspiring and creative working environment for the employees.

Airtame’s Trello app gives a business the opportunity to transmit their Trello project boards to a meeting room or office screens, allowing for better team alignment on project updates and progress.

Another advantage with Airtame is the Airtame Cloud. With the Airtame Cloud, you can remotely manage and monitor any device regardless of your location. You can check the status of any device, that is whether it is offline, streaming or online, and update firmware. Additionally, you can review the IP addresses and access point status whether enabled or disabled. You can also create, expand, rearrange or collapse groups of devices on the Airtame Cloud. It is also possible to view network connection status (Ethernet or SSID).

To connect to Airtame each person in the organization simply downloads the Airtame app in their devices. This will make it possible for them to connect easily, and share presentations and tasks on the big screen. Visitors can also connect to Airtame online through the Windows Guest app. It also has streaming notifications that remind the person presenting that they are still streaming and cancels ones they are through. For computer devices, you can easily switch between sharing your whole screen, or individual windows or apps, with Single Window Sharing.


While there are many HDMI devices on the market today, picking the best may be a daunting task. However, for you to reap more benefits from your investment, you deserve a gadget that serves you effectively with minimal or no technical problems. Airtame is a wireless device that you should embrace in your organization. You will also get to enjoy more through the use of the Airtame Cloud.

Aaron Gordon is a writer for various blogs.

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