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5 Top Tips for Protecting Against Identity Theft

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Identity theft has become a huge issue and is still increasing. If you’re unaware of how identity thieves work, this might be the article for you. These 5 tips will give you some basics so that you can keep your identity secure.

1. Check your mail regularly.

You need to make sure you’re aware of what mail you should be getting every month. One of the oldest tricks for identity thieves is to re-route your mail somewhere else, so they get all your bank statements and other important documents. Information like this is worth a lot to thieves, as they can use it to steal your money or set up loans in your name.

While it should be easy to spot if you suddenly stop getting mail altogether, it’s harder to notice if you’re only missing the odd piece of mail. Some thieves can gain access to your deliveries and only steal the odd (important) letter. This is easier for them if you live in a shared apartment block where your mail isn’t delivered directly to your door.

Checking mail regularly and being aware of all your outgoings is also important so that you can spot any increased spending on your accounts. Finding these problems early can make a huge difference.

2. Use a shredder.

As you’ve seen how important mail security is, you should be aware that it’s important to keep things safe even when it’s mail you’ve finished with. Every important document should be shredded, as many thieves aren’t above rummaging through your trash in order to secure a victim. Even something with your name an address on could be useful to a fraudster.

3. Keep your online identity secure.

Some people share too much information about themselves, especially on social media platforms. Things like family birthdays or pet’s names could bue used to get access to your passwords. Other information about where you live and your routine activities could also be used against you.

4. Use an identity protection service.

A number of identity theft protection services have started growing in popularity. These add an extra layer of security if you’re particularly at risk, or just want that extra peace of mind.

5. Keep your social security number secure.

A lot of identity thefts begin when someone gets access to your social security number. This can give a thief access to all sorts of information and allow them to gain benefits in your name. Lots of people keep their social security information written down and carry it around with them – this isn’t a great idea as losing your bag could mean losing your identity. Keep your social security number secure and only access it when you really need it.

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