5 Excavator Attachments That Every Construction Industry Should Have

Excavation Machinery

An excavator is a machine that people often use in the construction industry and heavy work sites. It can handle the number of tasks ranging from drill through a hard surface to carry the heavy load from one place to another. For its easy mobility on the road or another surface, it is equipped with sturdy wheels and chain tracks. With its different tools and attachments, you can do the hard work with ease and in less time.

The excavators that were traditionally designed for a single work are now compatible with multiple excavation attachments. Here is a list of some most important excavation attachments that you should have.


Augur is a type excavator attachment which is mostly used for making holes in the surface. It is a fast tool that can be used for dig a hole even at tight spaces, where buckets cannot fit.

Augurs have a dual swing attachment and can maintain a vertical position, at any angle of usage. There are many types of drill and motors in the market that you can choose for your work depending on the depth and diameter of the hole you need.


Hammers are heavy duty attachments that are used for the demolition of structures and breaking heavy rocks. Most of the hammers use a hydraulic system to deliver precision on breaking spot; some can even chisel without effecting repair.

In spots where you need more power and less precision, drop hammers are a great choice. They combine mass with gravity to deliver a very powerful blow. Though they may be inaccurate, their power levels are high, and that makes them more expensive than hydraulic breakers.


There are generally two types of blades that you can choose according to your areas and kind of work.

Dozer blades: These blades are known for pushing material. You can easily level surface by pushing earth back to the holes or spreading it, with this horizontal attachment. They can perform most of the functions of grading blades for small and medium scale work. You can get a laser-guided model for better performance, and at a very affordable price. The best part about them is they can fit into small spaces which are not possible for grading blades.

Grading blades: Grader blade is large attachments that are used to level large areas which need precision. They are usually used for large projects like road, airport runways and grading of large foundations. They are many times used to move ice in areas with heavy snowfalls. They are very heavy and need a lot of control and therefore require very skilled drivers.


For lifting and sorting purposes grapples can come in handy. Grapples can lift even the most random objects, but they need some space to grab them. Most of the grapples that are used have a hydraulic mechanism with internal cylinders which are suitable for small lifting, but for heavy lifting mechanical grapples are the best.

Buckets with Thumbs

Buckets are usually for their multipurpose compatibility, especially with a thumb attaches. You can use a bucket and thumb attachment to make holes and evacuate material, or you can use it to lift and load. You can find this in many different sizes and capacities. They offer high degrees of movement, and you can find them with both mechanical and hydraulic type mechanisms.

To bring the advancement in construction site select the right attachment of excavator according to the work requirement; it also saves a lot of time and money. So keep up the good work as we keep innovating and bringing new and safer equipment for you.

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