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Is 3D Printing The Next Big Thing?

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With technology evolving everyday something like this doesn’t come as a surprise. Everyday further advances in the technological world are being made and each one surpasses the previous one. Not long from now, something will be invented that would exceed this as well. However, till that time comes, 3D printing is something quite astonishing while people are saying this has revolutionized the technological world. Who would have thought that the future that awaits us could be constructed in our living rooms? It’s like a sovereign power giving you supreme control to construct anything you desire from the palm of one’s hands. Suddenly, we have this bridge, this physical extension of the virtual world, where, with the right material combinations, you could build almost anything.

However, whenever things seem a bit too good to be true or when someone comes by an extraordinary idea that usually doesn’t float. So I guess only time will tell where this leads us. However the world will be affected by this, imagine you could build or make anything you wanted to. Online shopping and bulk buying would significantly go down as people would alter the products or make products as to their specific wishes sitting in their rooms. 3D printing could have a great impact in numerous fields as stated below.


I think it’s needless to say nobody would even visit stores or brands anymore. If people like a specific outfit, they would make it themselves as to their specific alterations. People would also edit their existing wardrobe, make their own shoes, tops such as cardigans, sweaters, blazers and what not. I mean everyone in the world would have enough clothes to cater a fashion show daily. I mean there’s no extent to where this ends, it’s so diverse. People would design their own letterman jackets, custom made patches and position patches in whatever design they desire. This is probably something these brands wouldn’t want as it would lead to their demise eventually.


Education could be made so interesting and fascinating especially for the young ones. A great way to encourage learning while promoting education and this could lead to a smarter youth for tomorrow. Even science could be fun for kids who pursue medicine and engineering, I mean education would become so much easier and something everyone would look forward to.


People love changing up things every once in a while and decorating their houses or apartments to make them look presentable. Rather than only decorating your homes, this would help around in other things such as event management or planning parties or having dinners at your house for joyous occasions such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. People are making objects for their home, like door handles, coffee mugs, plates, chairs and lamps. Jewelry is also really popular because of all the different materials you can print in.

Medical sciences

There are new diseases cropping up which may involve the failure of some organs to function. People need heart transplants, kidney transplants and face many other unfortunate circumstances. Imagine a world where no unfortunate soul would have to depart from this world due to such misfortune. We might be a very long way from achieving that milestone however we will get there one day. Due to 3D printing, we’ll be able to make organs and nobody will have to be the victim of any sort of disability ever again.

However the major drop back being it’s too expensive. The substantial amount required to fund this project is way above the budget right now. That’s one of the major things holding it back. For people who would want to use it on a day to day basis, it’s not practical.

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