13 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Data Backups

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When it comes to businesses and data backups, there is far too much misinformation out there. Even the most knowledgeable business owners make rookie mistakes when it comes to handling data backups, and it is because of their misconceptions about how the process works. That is why we want to clear up thirteen of the biggest data backup myths that we have been reading about in recent months.

1. Backup Vendors are all Alike

When you are choosing a backup vendor, you need to consider so many different things. You need a backup vendor that offers a full stream of services if you want a solution that is reliable and worth the money. You need customizable data protection solutions from backup vendors.

2. Cloud Solutions are Very Similar

Far too many businesses believe that cloud hosting and storage solutions are similar to each other. It could not be further from the truth. The best cloud hosting solutions offer an incredible amount of features for the money, which differentiate them from some of the less reputable service providers.

3. Data is Always Safe on the Cloud

Even if you choose the best cloud provider, there are risks. Even if they are using AES 256 encryption, things can go wrong. Yes, they take precautions and have many backup plans, but there only needs to be one point of failure for your data to become compromised or lost.

There are two ways to protect against such issues. The first is to pick a reliable provider you trust. The second is to go with a double backup solution, where you have a backup to your first backup. If the original system AND your main backup fail, you will still have all your data secure with the second backup.

4. You Will Lose Control of Your Data

If you are paranoid about losing control of your data you can always go for local backup solutions. But even with cloud solutions, you will always retain administrative control of how your data is backed up, and who is able to access that data. It is your data not that of the company providing you with a solution.

5. Backup Solutions Result in High Costs

Companies only need to pay for the data protection and backup services they need. And the way service providers have created efficiency within their operations means that even the most sophisticated backup solution is affordable. Even if your business thinks those prices are too high to pay, consider the consequences.

Yes, you are paying for data backups. But what happens if you lose all your data? How much money and time would your business lose? There is no comparison between the cost of sophisticated backups and what you could lose if you ignore this solution.

6. You Cannot Get Private Long-Term Storage Solutions

The best service providers will offer you a plethora of options to ensure that you are in full control of your data, even if it is being stored somewhere in the long term. You can adjust configurations, training programs and management responsibilities to ensure everything is to your liking.

7. You Cannot Preserve Your Data

Unless there is some earth changing event where entire server locations are destroyed and communications networks are damaged, your data is very safe. Data centers are fault-tolerant, and if you are going with a double backup policy, even a single failure is not going to impact your business. You will just have to make use of that second backup solution you chose.

9. Low Volume Means No Backups Needed

If your company has data that is hard to replace, you need a backup solution. It does not matter if you have 1 GB or 100 TB worth of valuable data.

10. Users Are Backing Up Data and that is Enough

Local backups done on a personal level are a good touch especially for small businesses,but hard drives fail all the time, even externals. A consolidated backup solution will be a lot more secure and safe in the long-term.

11. New Businesses Should Skimp on Backup Costs

A new business has even less room to fail or make mistakes. If you are relying on your website to engage with customers or accept orders, and something happens to all the data relevant to your site, what will you do?

12. High End Backups are Too Hard to Manage

We can understand if you feel apprehensive about taking on such complicated backup systems. But most service providers a lot of assistance, which means the work that you must do to get things setup is minimal. You will be walked through every step of the process.

13. Backup Solutions Destroy Existing Systems

The opposite is true, because a data backup solution is only going to enhance your current IT setup. You are using your infrastructure more efficiently, and you will not need to purchase any new hardware.

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