Apple Talk: iOS 7 Reveal & The Future of Apple TV 

iOS 7 Screenshot

Apple has finally revealed details of iOS 7, due to release to consumers in the fall. Renowned for their product secrecy, Apple finally gave their fans a sneak peak at some of the company’s upcoming plans at the “All Things D” conference. Addressing an excited crowd on May 28th, Apple CEO Tim Cook covered iOS 7, Apple’s “grand vision” for TV, and a few other plans for the company. Continue reading

Can Microsoft Continue to Innovate? 

Windows Phone 8

Microsoft entered the 21st century in such a dominant position in the computing world that it was the subject of numerous anti-trust lawsuits. The company’s Internet Explorer web browser controlled more than 90% of the browser market share as recently as 2004. The company’s Office productivity suite was the must-have application for all business desktop computers. Continue reading

Don’t Let Technology De-Humanize Your Business 

Business people handshake with company team in background

New technologies may increase overall efficiency and reduce operating costs, but taking away the human element from your business may do more harm than good. As businesses begin to replace human employees with technology applications such as credit card readers and tablets because of increasing wage costs, businesses must still remember the importance of great customer service—which begins with a human connection. Continue reading

How Have the Android Mobiles Changed the Face of Businesses? 

How Android Mobiles Have Changed the Face of Businesses

In the study of importance and implication of cell phones in everyday life, you can see countless features that can put you in great amazement. Initially, one could see only landlines, telephones, basic cell phones being used for making/receiving calls, and text messages, but ever since the introduction of iPhone and advanced smartphones, things have tremendously changed. Continue reading

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