Armenian Government Ministries Websites Suffered from Cyber Attack 

South Korea Data Breach Hacking

A group of Azerbaijan hackers from Azerbaijan Hacker Team has hacked a number of Armenian Government ministers’ websites, and placed a video on their defaced page. There are a total of 64 websites hacked including Ministry of Education, police, city districts, Artsakh State University, Football Federation of Armenia and several other Armenian websites. Continue reading

Holiday Shopping the Smart and Safe Way 

Online Shopping

Everywhere, mothers, fathers and even sweet little grannies are licking their chops, sharpening their elbows and practicing their quick-draw credit card slides to prepare for the Great Gift Buying Wars, otherwise known as holiday shopping. But your shopping experience doesn’t have to be all chaos and mayhem. Continue reading

Three Technologies You Can Use Today to Prevent Cyberattacks and Identity Theft 

Computer firewall

Cybercrime is growing rapidly as our culture continues to immerse itself in the online space. Last year, the IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) fielded over 289,000 complaints totaling over $525 million in losses. That’s over an 8% increase from 2011. Yet we continue to expose more of our personal information through social networking and online searches. Continue reading

The Jetsons are Jealous of Your Future Smart Home 

Smart Home

Smart homes have been a dream for many consumers. A George Jetson kind of home where you can control everything from small handheld devices and voice commands seemed like science fiction until very recently. Now it appears the pieces are all there, but now we find ourselves a bit overwhelmed and scrambling to get all of those tech features to fall into place. Continue reading

Facebook, CISPA and Your Employer News 

Facebook, CISPA and Your Employer News

Celebrities, companies, and agencies have frequently been in recent news as victims of identity theft or impersonation. One of the most recent, hackers compromised Twitter accounts of The Associated Press, sending out a false tweet about an attack at the White House, and that President Barack Obama was injured. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Hosting Solution for Your Next Online Start-Up 

If you’re looking at hosting for your startup company, you’ve probably figured out there are a lot of options out there. Fortunately, no matter what you’re looking for, they all boil down to a few categories. Three of these categories are particularly relevant to startups: virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and cloud hosting. Continue reading

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