Tech Savvy Homes 

Modern House

Hollywood has a lot of ideas when it comes to smart-homes, but what is actually possible and available to consumers these day? More than you might realize! A lot has changed since Edison first invented the light bulb. Now, you can choose from compact fluorescent and LED bulbs that fit in your existing fixtures. Continue reading

How Smart Home Technology Can Save You Money 

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The global financial situation has resulted in organisations investing time and effort in developing new home technologies that will save homeowners money in the long run. Products such as geothermal-heating and cooling systems, including improved hot-water systems, hydro floors and radiant wall panels can save you up to 75 percent on your energy bills. Continue reading

An Overview of Artificial Intelligence 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an ever-growing field of study dedicated to the creation of intelligent machines that are adaptable to certain situations that arise. In contrast to normal machines, AI systems are programmed to think on their own and assess their environment to make the appropriate changes for solutions. Continue reading

Self-Driving Cars May Have Traveled More Miles Than Many Drivers 


Did you know that there are self-driving cars on the road in California and Nevada? Believe it or not, in the short period of time that they have been invented, some of these self-driving vehicles have already racked up almost 300,000 miles. This is staggering considering the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works says that the average number of miles an American drives a year is 12,000. Continue reading

TechBlog Follow Friday & Weekly Stumbles For 2012-05-04 

Free Apps Drain Smartphone Energy On 'Advertising Modules'

Free apps drain smartphone energy on ‘advertising modules’. Researchers have shown that popular free smartphone apps spend up to 75 percent of their energy tracking the user’s geographical location, sending information about the user to advertisers and downloading ads. Continue reading

TechBlog Follow Friday & Weekly Stumbles For 2012-03-30 

Cheaper, Quieter and Fuel-Efficient Biplanes Could Put Supersonic Travel On the Horizon

Cheaper, quieter and fuel-efficient biplanes could put supersonic travel on the horizon. For 27 years, the Concorde provided its passengers with a rare luxury: time saved. For a pricey fare, the sleek supersonic jet ferried its ticketholders from New York to Paris in a mere three-and-a-half hours. Continue reading

TechBlog Follow Friday & Weekly Stumbles For 2012-02-10 

The World's First Vertical Forest Is Growing Sky High

Did you know that Milan is one of the most polluted cities in Italy? Apparently urban sprawl and increased emissions are major causes for slumping air quality in the international fashion capital. So Italian architect Stefano Boeri has formulated an unusual plan to give the city back what it’s lacking: namely, some greenery. Continue reading

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