What’s Streaming in Worldwide Fiber Optic Internet News? 

Fiber Optic

In April 2013, Google and the city of Provo, Utah announced that the search giant would be taking over the city’s $39 million fiber optic network for a single U.S. dollar, according to Mercury News. Because of its status as a worldwide Internet power, attention is on Google as it moves forward with plans to install or take over fiber optic networks in U.S. cities. Continue reading

Tech Savvy Homes 

Modern House

Hollywood has a lot of ideas when it comes to smart-homes, but what is actually possible and available to consumers these day? More than you might realize! A lot has changed since Edison first invented the light bulb. Now, you can choose from compact fluorescent and LED bulbs that fit in your existing fixtures. Continue reading

The Nokia Lumia 925: A Review 

Nokia Lumia 925

Everybody knows that the Finnish company Nokia has been in troubled waters during the recent years. When formerly it has secured the spot as one of the most popular and most sold Smartphone brands in the world, it has now already given way to other Smartphone companies such as Apple, Samsung Electronics, and HTC. Continue reading

The Advantages of Fiber-Optic Communication Systems 

Fiber-optic communication systems are becoming increasingly common in modern society. Where once they were restricted to government or business use, fiber-optic systems are now available to individual households. This has been driven by the rising demand for high bandwidth connections for a variety of industrial and residential purposes. Continue reading

Intel’s WiDi Standard: What You Need to Know 

Intel Widi

Intel’s recent ultrabook draft requires manufacturers to implement some version of their own proprietary “Wireless Display” standard across new lines. A competitor to technologies such as Apple’s AirPlay and Microsoft’s SmartGlass display broadcasting firmware, WiDi seeks to eradicate cables and pave the way for an instant-streaming future. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Hosting Solution for Your Next Online Start-Up 

If you’re looking at hosting for your startup company, you’ve probably figured out there are a lot of options out there. Fortunately, no matter what you’re looking for, they all boil down to a few categories. Three of these categories are particularly relevant to startups: virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and cloud hosting. Continue reading

10 Technologies that Changed the Way We See the World 


The world has changed enormously over the centuries; a person from the early 1800s would not recognize many things today. Some changes have made the world smaller and brought people together while others have improved the quality of our lives. Here is a list of 10 technologies that have changed our world for the better. Continue reading

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