The Brave New World of Self-driving Cars 

Self-Driving Cars

Technology has made countless advancements of amazing proportions in the past few decades. From smartphones to artificial heart valves, there are plenty of things in existence today that nobody could have imagined 50 years ago. However, there’s a whole other realm of technology, a collection of ideas considered fantastical and out-of-this world, that still seems mystical and unattainable. Continue reading

The Future of Outdoor Signage 

Outdoor Signage Picture

All the familiar forms of media are becoming increasingly interactive, but outdoor media has been lagging behind to an extent, thanks to its old ‘broadcast’ image. There have however been major technological strides in the field of outdoor signage recently. These show clearly that it has considerable potential for advertisers who want to deliver engaging, highly targeted ads that are relevant to the modern world. Continue reading

The Jetsons are Jealous of Your Future Smart Home 

Smart Home

Smart homes have been a dream for many consumers. A George Jetson kind of home where you can control everything from small handheld devices and voice commands seemed like science fiction until very recently. Now it appears the pieces are all there, but now we find ourselves a bit overwhelmed and scrambling to get all of those tech features to fall into place. Continue reading

Future Engineering Trends 

Solar Power

The engineering sector involves a wide selection of jobs and responsibilities, and there are engineers in almost every industry. Engineering is further subdivided into chemical, electrical and mechanical fields, but all of them have one thing in common: they involve the use of technique and skill to achieve a real-world impact. Continue reading

How Technology Has Changed the Way We Live 

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It’s unlikely that even the most forward-thinking technology pioneers of the 1970s could have envisioned the world in which we live today. While the personal computing revolution made possible many of the devices and services that we use on a daily basis, the connections that we enjoy are far more robust and natural than our technological forebears could ever have imagined. Continue reading

Highway Patrol Car of the Future 

Future concept of police car isolated view

The 9th annual Los Angeles Auto Show Design Competition is calling auto and tech designers to build a car around a central theme: The Highway Patrol Car of the Future—2025. Global manufacturer design studios compete while exploring new design boundaries for the auto industry. Continue reading

An Overview of Artificial Intelligence 

Robot Wireframe

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an ever-growing field of study dedicated to the creation of intelligent machines that are adaptable to certain situations that arise. In contrast to normal machines, AI systems are programmed to think on their own and assess their environment to make the appropriate changes for solutions. Continue reading

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