Electric Car Tyres – How Are They Different? 

Electric Car Tyres

A couple of weeks ago, we witnessed a potentially significant milestone in the further development of the electric cars industry. Elon Musk from Tesla Motors, famous for their much lauded S series of electric cars, announced that Tesla is relinquishing all their patents to help other companies potentially interested in electric cars manufacture. Continue reading

What is Injection Moulding? 

Injection moulding is the process of shaping plastic resin into plastic parts using heat, pressure and a mould. As one of the most widely used plastic manufacturing methods in the world, the process can produce plastic parts of many sizes and applications. Injection moulding is also very quick and accurate, able to produce large numbers of high quality parts in a short period of time. Continue reading

Top 10 Most Famous Cars of the World 

Chevrolet Impala

Among the top 10 world famous cars in the world, Chevy Impala is one of those cars which falls into the category of most famous cars of the world. Chevrolet Impala with a history of more than 54 years in the market has always been one of the most popular cars with sales of 14 million units. Continue reading

Ten Things You Never Knew About Lasers 


There are few scientific topics that excite the imagination as much as lasers. Lasers have long captivated children, adults, and even many pets with their almost mystical mechanisms. But lasers are actually highly technical types of technology, even if you can buy a cheap one at the convenience store. Continue reading

The Advantages of Fiber-Optic Communication Systems 

Fiber-optic communication systems are becoming increasingly common in modern society. Where once they were restricted to government or business use, fiber-optic systems are now available to individual households. This has been driven by the rising demand for high bandwidth connections for a variety of industrial and residential purposes. Continue reading

Future Engineering Trends 

Solar Power

The engineering sector involves a wide selection of jobs and responsibilities, and there are engineers in almost every industry. Engineering is further subdivided into chemical, electrical and mechanical fields, but all of them have one thing in common: they involve the use of technique and skill to achieve a real-world impact. Continue reading

10 Technologies that Changed the Way We See the World 


The world has changed enormously over the centuries; a person from the early 1800s would not recognize many things today. Some changes have made the world smaller and brought people together while others have improved the quality of our lives. Here is a list of 10 technologies that have changed our world for the better. Continue reading

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