The Jetsons are Jealous of Your Future Smart Home 

Smart Home

Smart homes have been a dream for many consumers. A George Jetson kind of home where you can control everything from small handheld devices and voice commands seemed like science fiction until very recently. Now it appears the pieces are all there, but now we find ourselves a bit overwhelmed and scrambling to get all of those tech features to fall into place. Continue reading

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Free Apps Drain Smartphone Energy On 'Advertising Modules'

Free apps drain smartphone energy on ‘advertising modules’. Researchers have shown that popular free smartphone apps spend up to 75 percent of their energy tracking the user’s geographical location, sending information about the user to advertisers and downloading ads. Continue reading

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More Powerful Electric Cars: Mechanism Behind Capacitor's High-Speed Energy Storage Discovered

Researchers at North Carolina State University have discovered the means by which a polymer known as PVDF enables capacitors to store and release large amounts of energy quickly. Their findings could lead to much more powerful and efficient electric cars. Continue reading

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How an African Chief Uses Twitter to Keep the Peace

An African administrative chief uses Twitter to help solve problems and maintain order in his Kenyan village, showing another example of how social media has evolved beyond wired metropolises to reach even the most previously unconnected corners of the globe. Continue reading

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The World's First Vertical Forest Is Growing Sky High

Did you know that Milan is one of the most polluted cities in Italy? Apparently urban sprawl and increased emissions are major causes for slumping air quality in the international fashion capital. So Italian architect Stefano Boeri has formulated an unusual plan to give the city back what it’s lacking: namely, some greenery. Continue reading

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