Applications and Uses of Security Surveillance Systems Across Different Sectors

CCTV Security Cameras

Security cameras and CCTV surveillance systems now come with a wide range of features and styles to serve different purposes. The domestic and industrial applications of security systems may range from theft deterrence to traffic administration to better event management of the workforce.

An IP camera can be now installed at any location, which makes it easier for live monitoring both inside and outside any office or home. Video footages can be recorded for future review. The camera also helps to record remote locations and identify threats at the very first point.

Top applications of video surveillance

As discussed above, video surveillance is now used for many purposes. There is no doubt that with the security surveillance you have a peaceful mind and can manage things efficiently. Further, we will discuss the major industrial applications of video surveillance and also the best practices while installing such a system.

1. Remote video monitoring

Being a business owner or a house owner, the primary priority is to protect your valuables against any break-ins or robbery. For a business, the threat can also be internal from dishonest employees. With advanced security technology, you can now handle things effectively via remote security systems to monitor your premise and react on time.

Benefits of remote video monitoring:

  • Crime stoppage – Video monitoring helps to spot suspicious behavior, and the monitors can intervene on time to stop a possible crime.
  • Augment the security personnel – A security guard at your premise can handle only one location at a time. However, with cameras, they can monitor everything remotely and react quickly on identifying any security breach.
  • Surveillance – Security systems can record videos 24×7, which can be reviewed later in case of any adverse incident. With network systems, you can now remotely access these through smartphone or computer from anywhere.

2. Facility protection

Video surveillance helps to monitor your facility 24×7. With camera surveillance in place, you can keep an eye on your property remotely as well. You can consistently review the footages to see if any illegal activities are happening at your premises and intervene at the first point to correct it. Modern video surveillance will help in-facility protection in the following ways:

  • Deter chance of theft
  • Capture valid evidence in case of suspicious activity
  • Keep a check on people entering and exiting the facility
  • Monitor every individual
  • Give reassurance to employees about their safety
  • Enjoy peace of mind with the scope of accessing your property view anytime anywhere.

3. Monitoring operations

Cultivating a productive work environment and maintaining business efficiency is essential for long-term success. A reliable video surveillance system Philadelphia can help your business by customizing to your requirement. Reviewing video footages will shed light on the efficient and wasteful business practices. You can then take necessary action to streamline it.

Effective surveillance also offers vital business intelligence to the owners and stakeholders. Now surveillance is also used as a customer service tool by business. They monitor the customer traffic and understand their shopping behavior. Some other benefits of video surveillance for operations monitoring include:

4. Loss prevention

Retail businesses largely use video surveillance to protect their business from possible theft, which is a real threat. Equipping your premises with quality video surveillance can help to identify culprits in case of any crime. Benefits of retail video surveillance include:

  • Prevent customer/employee theft
  • Reclaim losses
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Ensure a safer work environment
  • Reduce liabilities

Identifying a thief is as valuable as capturing an offender on video. So, it is ideal to invest in a high-end IP video surveillance with good resolution (i.e., 720p or 1080p HD). There are low-resolution CCTV systems, which may produce grainy images, making it impossible to identify a person’s features.

5. Video surveillance of events

Event security is essential in light of terrorist threats, mass shootings and such other risks. Video surveillance is a crucial measure of public events now. Whether it is monitoring the parking lot of a mall or keeping an eye on the spectators of a football match, video monitoring helps to catch any suspicious moves, theft, harassment, bullying, or illegal smoking or drinking at the premises, etc. The general advantages of video surveillance in event management include:

  • Improve crowd control efficiency
  • Aid security professionals in responding to breaches instantly
  • Reassure public safety
  • Monitor the attendants and keep track of them
  • Zoom in for any suspicious behavior
  • Maintain evidence in case of any prosecution

In case of event video surveillance, PTZ IP cameras are used popularly as it can cover a wider space with more clarity and zoom-ability. PTZ IP cameras have built-in 360-degree panning and these cameras delivery top-in-class resolution with digital zoom options.

6. Traffic monitoring

Traffic cameras feature the most innovative and functional surveillance technology. Mounted atop traffic signals, intersections, and various key points across the busy highways, they record traffic patterns and breach of rules, if any. Advanced traffic cameras do have features to click an image on identifying the violation. The images can be instantly shared with authorities for taking quick action.

A surveillance camera is crucial to the traffic administration department. They can monitor recorded traffic patterns to study and rearrange traffic flow or signaling logic to manage traffic better. Surveillance cameras also help in traffic by:

  • Aiding commuters by sharing live feeds about road blockage, damage, etc.
  • Gathering valuable data by monitoring significant barriers and roads for accidents or closures
  • The traffic camera footages influence decisions about road development and further constructions
  • Law enforcement collect evidence from traffic camera for checking speeding and other traffic violations
  • Encourage safer driving by warning drivers that they are being monitored.

Here we have discussed only a few major applications of video surveillance monitoring. However, this is used in almost all sectors now for a wider range of purposes. You may go through the web to learn more about it.

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