Target Your Audience Strategically For Successful Video Marketing


Numerous statistics and studies proved that online marketing is daily on the rise, and some of these studies show that video advertising actually works. Videos have more than 50% capacity of generating organic traffic than more traditional text pages.

Online video marketing is hugely attractive to many businesses for lots of reasons. It is fairly inexpensive to make videos and post them on various social networks. If you spend some money to record just one online video, that video could still be getting traffic for your business many years after.

The benefits of posting online videos are multiple. Understanding effective video marketing strategies is important for your business growth. To make it work, you need to create a well-thought out and precise plan.

In this article, we will share some tips that can enable your startup to hit the ground running effectively with video marketing, thus build a formidable social media presence and strategically engage your target audience:

Create engaging Video Content

Make your title count. Video titles can generate huge traffic. The title is very important for two great reasons. First, having a great title is capable of grabbing your viewer’s attention. Second, if you use appropriate keywords in your title, your content will likely display on the search engine when people are searching for your keywords.

Provide great contents

Who is your target audience? Take time to reflect on who is your ideal prospective viewer? What can you teach them and what will they find valuable? Your video will make a huge impact if it is filled with ‘How-to’ concepts because besides showcasing your skills and knowledge in the videos, it will also position you as an expert in the field.

Make the video short, interesting, and engaging. If it is long, your viewers may lose interest, so it is important to keep them short.

Determine the Target audience

Think about your target audience and what you would like them to know about your products or services. An engaging video content will explain to your audience what your organization is doing and who you are. If you are presenting to them what you do, it is also necessary you show them step by step how you do those things.

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways of humanizing your brand; an effective video content will build trust and educate your audience.

Include success stories

What are the achievements of your brand? You should include these success stories in your videos. Measuring performance is the safest way to know whether you have a successful video or not. You don’t have to settle for vanity metrics like a number of views, because this may not necessarily lead to more deals and leads.

Data collection will help you to know how your videos are watched and viewed by customers and prospective clients. Check the drop-off rates, repeat views, and duration of views periodically. This will help you to know whether your video marketing solution is working or not. Never underestimate the power of social media marketing.

Decide Promotional Platforms

For a stronger customer engagement, your videos should be marketed at the right channels. Don’t market your videos only on your website, YouTube; facebook or twitter- the best strategy is to market it in all of them. When you promote it on one platform, the effect won’t be much that when it is promoted on several platforms.

Optimize Videos for maximum reach

If you want to gain a useful return on investment, then your video has to be highly optimized, memorable, relevant, and timely.  Make sure you include keywords in your tags, descriptions, titles, and videos. Do not just target search words, but also target specific search phrases.


Your video advertising method needs to be engaging, and interesting. People are more inclined to watch videos than to read a text- that is why videos are more interactive and easy to consume.

Your videos would be more interactive and engaging if it is accompanied with a blog post with an interesting title, screenshots, transcripts, podcast, images with corresponding music and slideshows.

Outstanding video contents can increase visitor traffic by at least 50% or more, facebook likes, tweets etc.

If you create an engaging video content, it will motivate your audience to share it with their friends and followers on various social networks.

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