Cyber Terrorism And Small Business – Should You Be Worried?

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Cyber terrorism is alive and well today. Many people think this is a new threat. It is not. The fact is there have been international cyber wars going on for the past several years. Perhaps the scariest part of this is not the billions of dollars this costs big business and governments or even the threat to personal information globally that can destroy or at the very least paralyze a country temporarily.

Arbor Networks reported that in 2011, France was targeted by a cyber-terrorism attack which affected 19,000 websites. Hackers managed to break-through and freeze Playstation for several weeks at a cost of 170 million dollars.

McAfee reports that an estimated 90% of small and medium size companies do not use data protection for customers and company data. That is an expensive error which costs millions of dollars per year and based on recent developments in the news, we can expect that to rise significantly.

Are they getting smarter?

While we know that technology has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years, we also have to pay attention to the people behind the attacks. As people are growing with the field, and investing more into the tools to attack, we have to keep up. We cannot underestimate the need for good web designers, safety measures, and IT departments that are cutting edge. Serious computer companies are always watching the e-commerce of their clients. Professionals from CEO’s to web design teams are more focused, dedicated, and determined than ever.

They protect their employees and give them the tools they need to protect their clients. They make sure their health is taken care of and they get the proper attention. Corpina reports a rise in all natural supplements that make the mind sharper and more focused. This is an indication that the health and abilities of our teams are strong.

How can a professional web design company help you?

It is not a coincidence that the weakness affecting the internet came during the “DIY” computer revolution. More and more people jumped on the trend of using apps that made their website look good and made it do some cool tricks. The programs, plug-ins, and publishing capabilities made it fun and cheap. And it opened the door to the data of your clients, customers, and employees.

Cyber security is a growing, evolving being that must be nurtured and monitored. You can put the latest malware plug-in on your site today and it can be obsolete tomorrow. Remember those smart people we were talking about? They have access to the same plug-ins and by the time they make it to you, they have usually found a way around them.

Protecting your website is never 100% fail proof. But the fact is, you have a much better chance of not being attacked if you are more difficult to access and if you have professionals working with you to ensure you are.

Common business tips and practices

  • Train your employees!
    • Train your employees on the importance of protecting their information and that of others. No matter who they are (or think they are) talking to, they should never give out data over the phone or via email.
    • They should never leave their computer screen on a page that has any kind of payment information or personal information up where others can view it.
    • Every employee should have a security status assigned to them and they should never share their sign-on information with coworkers.
  • Never assume you are safe
    • This is a major problem and a key reason why you need a professional team behind you. Do not open your website up to anyone (even employees) to make changes. Always go through your web design and e-commerce company to ensure all safety measures are taken.
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