Common Mistakes That New Web Developers Should Avoid

Web Development

Web development evolves quickly. There are new languages being released all the time, and the different tools and trends that developers use are constantly changing. It can be a struggle to keep on top of all these new advancements and naturally, you are going to make some mistakes. Nobody is going to be perfect one hundred percent of the time, but a lot of these mistakes can be avoided. There are a quite a few blunders that developers are making over and over again, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to improve your skills and become a better developer, here are a few common mistakes that you should watch out for.

Not Preparing To Scale

When you are starting out, it is likely that most of your work will be for smaller companies and start-ups. So, you’ve got a commission from a start-up and you’ve built them a brilliant website. They’re happy with it and so are you. But what happens a few years down the line when their business has blown up. The website you built was not designed for the amount of traffic that it’s getting. A lot of developers get caught out by this. They don’t think ahead and so the framework of the site is not scalable. This means that you’re going to have to rewrite huge parts of it to accommodate the success of the business. Whether you think they are going to grow or not, always make sure that you put measures in place so you can easily scale up a website if you need to.

Not Checking For Errors Regularly Enough

There’s nothing more frustrating than trawling through lines and lines of code trying to find that one small error that you know is in there somewhere. This is made a lot worse if you don’t realize that there is an error until fairly late in the game. Checking for errors more regularly means that you can narrow it down to a fairly small section of the script and find it easily. Using logging software to keep track of errors will make your life so much easier. Visit for more information on how to log errors effectively.


Search Engine Optimization is so important and it’s easy to get wrong. There are so many new developers that think they are experts when they just aren’t. It’s very complex and if you get it wrong then you can really harm the sales of your client. This is especially dangerous if you are just starting out because you are unlikely to get more work out of them. It doesn’t matter how happy they are with the website itself, if you harm sales through bad SEO then they will be very unhappy.

Not Developing For Multiple Platforms

We don’t just view sites on our computers anymore. Most people are going to use a phone as well, and possibly a tablet. If a customer goes onto a website on their phone and it doesn’t run properly, it looks incredibly unprofessional. That reflects badly on you and will seriously hurt your reputation as a developer. You need to ensure that your site will run perfectly on any platform out there.

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