Which Software Tools Electronics Engineers Should Use for PCB Design

Printed Circuit Board

A PCB is a board connected electronically to conductive components with tracks, pads, and via laminated copper sheets on a non-conductive substrate. PCB can be of one layer, 2 layer or multiple layers (multilayer) depending on usage. PCB finds its application in all most all electronic devices such as mobile phones, televisions, cars, motorcycles, and others. So, it is important to know how a PCB is designed and manufactured.

Many things must be considered by a designer to design printed circuit boards that can function in accordance with the specified specifications. Whether the circuit is designed to be applied to analog or digital circuits, applied to high or low voltages, strong or weak currents or to be used with a high or low frequency etc. should be taken into account. In this article basic knowledge of printed circuit boards and things to be considered by a pcb designer in designing, often overlooked are considered.

There are many things to consider for designing PCBs. In addition to paying attention to the functionality of the circuit, the effect of applied voltage, current, and frequency used will affect the characteristics of the wire to board connector being made is important. Here are some of the points regarding PCB designing software which can help in manufacturing PCB at your end.

1. Proteus

This is software to design PCB which also comes with pspice simulation at schematic level before the schematic circuit is upgraded to PCB. Proteus combines ISIS program to create schematic circuit design with ARES program to make PCB layout from schematic that is made. This software is good for microcontroller circuit design. Proteus is also great for learning electronics like basic electronics to microcontroller applications. This software if installed provides many examples of design applications that are included so that you can learn from examples that already exist. Many processes can be done to make PCB boards, among them maybe by drawing manually is one aspect. You need to make a path from the circuit scheme on the paper. But this can lead to errors, especially on path errors, perhaps if the manufacturer is not careful. You can find all the details regarding manual drawing at scondar.

2. Eagle

By using software, you can minimize error that is because you can directly convert schematic circuit to circuit path. You can also be more flexible when you want to change path, minimize or widen the path, make double layer circuit or the other things needed for PCB designing. Especially when you want to make a complex circuit with a lot of paths, this software is very helpful.

Here are some reasons to choose Eagle software over others.

  • Cross Platform: Eagle software is not only available for windows OS but also can be installed on Linux and Mac.
  • Lightweight: This software is very light and takes very little space on the hard drive. It only takes between 50 – 200 MB which will not overload your laptop or system.
  • Free: Eagle is available in Freeware version with complete features and facilities.
  • Community: If you want to learn to make designs or want to find PCB designs you can search it because many who have been using eagle. You can get instant help online who have been using this software.

In addition to the advantages, there may be few disadvantages in eagle. Some of which may not be able to directly simulate, program or display 3D views.

3. Circuit Maker

Circuit Maker is an application for designing the circuit electronics from the simple to the complex level. For those of you who like electronics can use this software because it will greatly help in making the circuit electronics.

Some advantages offered are:

  • This is made up of a series of analog or digital.
  • Provides many kinds of components of electronics such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc. with many types and variants which will be used in designing PCB
  • Performs simulation series that has been created for the purposes of test and measurement.
  • Makes the PCB layout.
  • Includes examples of the circuit to be studied.
  • Printing a series that has been created

4. Designspark

This is an executable file type related with Schematic Capture and PCB Layout developed by WestDev for Windows OS. The latest known mode of Designspark.exe is, which is produced by Windows the software has a reasonable reason. The EXE executables like designspark.exe include systematic instructions that are followed by a computer to execute for designing the PCB. Each software app in your computer uses a file which can be executed browser, spreadsheet, word processor, etc. that makes it an important file in the Windows OS. Without executable files like designspark.exe, you could only use program in your computer. This exclusive software is a powerful source that aids you to design PCB layouts and boards and also capture the schematics. There is a library which gives you information about more than ten thousand schematics to choose from. The only disadvantage is that, it can be only used on Windows OS.

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