Driven to Buy – The 5 Fundamentals of Buying Your Dream Car

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Buying your dream car is a triumphant and wonderful time.

You finally get to slide into that driver’s seat, feel the revs of the engine and tear off into the sunset, just like you’ve always imagined. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of planning that goes into that moment of pure joy, and if that planning isn’t done carefully, the joy of those moments will be short lived. A dream car is a tricky purchase, because most people dream of expensive, powerful cars, and cars don’t appreciate in value for several decades, usually.

This means that you’ll be spending a lot of money to lose a lot of money, but you can minimise that loss by following these fundamentals of buying your dream car. Whether you’re going to Cars & Co Online Car Broker, or a car yard near your house, these tips will serve you well.


The big thing everyone pays attention to with cars is the price tag. The price is the key ingredient in the purchase, and without a good idea of the price you want to pay and the price your dream ride is usually going for, you will probably be disappointed. Research your dream car beforehand, find out the different years and styles and engine types and when you’ve found the combination you want, begin the price search.


Once you’ve identified one that you want, it’s important to note the location.

Price increases if it needs to be delivered, or if you intend to pick it up and drive it back, and purchasing from overseas will often mean a hefty freight cost for you, often extending into the thousands of dollars. Factor all of this into your decision on which individual car to buy. Maybe that one closer to home has more kilometers on the odometer, but it won’t be a plane flight and a long journey home just to get it.


The condition of the engine of the car, as well as the outside of the car, is very important, especially when it comes to your dream car. You have been dreaming of owning this vehicle for years, presumably in mint condition, and that is very unlikely to happen unless your dream car is showroom new. Try to get a service history of any car you’re considering, and if there isn’t a service history, try to get the current owner to pay for a mechanic of your choice to look over it and make sure it’s in good condition.


How realistic is this car for your needs?

It sounds like a question your overly cautious parents would ask, but in the case of a dream car purchase, it is very important to ask this question. If you live in the middle of the city, hundred of kilometers from any kind of wilderness, and your commitments keep you there every weekend and holiday, how workable is it for you to buy a huge wilderness-exploring 4WD complete with snorkel and off-road tyres?

If you live so far out of the city that dirt roads are the norm, and potholes abound, how useful will that shiny, new, lowriding luxury sedan be? The car may be a dream, but the costs will be glaringly real once they start building up.


Finally, you want to look at your options for the car. You can purchase it outright, or get a loan and purchase it outright, or even get a lease vehicle if you want it sooner, but it’s important to examine these things from a pragmatic point of view. Look at your finances and decide what’s best for you financially before leaping into a dream car purchase, because you don’t want to end up regretting purchasing that wonderful machine for something as simple as a lack of foresight.

Your dream car awaits your careful and considered purchase, and if you follow these steps closely you’ll have fewer problems in the long run.

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