These Time Saving Websites Will Make Your Work Day Easier


Depending on what kind of industry you work in, the chances are you’ll end up sending a few emails, answering the phone or being present in at least one meeting per day. Research suggests that arriving early or on time is beneficial for all. That small five to ten-minute breather allows you to organize your thoughts, clear anything up from yesterday and even allow time for a quick coffee.

While, on the other hand, even if you aren’t aware of it your boss will see your efforts and be quietly impressed with your professional, diligent attitude. It actually goes without saying, that the first hour of being in the office is crucial, it’s time not just to organize your tasks for the day, prioritizing what needs to get done and when, but it often may be an indication of how busy you’re likely to be the entire day. So, when you know you’re about to become snowed under, it helps to have useful websites that can assist you with a range of mundane, everyday office tasks.


Lots of us spend our lives writing, be it to friends, family or work colleagues and these are usually computer generated notes in the form of emails, blog posts, or minutes from office meetings. Instead of wasting valuable time looking through a dictionary, or wondering if you’ve used the correct you or you’re it may be easier to install Grammarly. This is grammar checking software that checks for basic errors and suggests advanced ideas like tense structure. It’s not foolproof so don’t rely on it totally, but it should avoid you from sending documents littered with spelling mistakes.


This handy note taking platform allows users to jot down their thoughts, organize essay notes, keep track of their to-do lists and even attach photos to say design specifications. Evernote is multifunctional and can be used across all devices including laptops, phones, and tablets and even comes as in app form. Due to the built-in auto-save once Evernote is downloaded, as soon as you open a new document whatever’s then written will be saved. Evernote also has the ability to search documents in a variety of ways to find individual sentences within various notes.

Cut Copy Paste

Due to the complexity of languages many familiar words, places, and even names are pronounced and spelled entirely differently depending on where in the world you live. When small dots and dashes appear over names, they are there to indicate what the tonal sound is. For example, in Scandinavia, accents, or diacritics clarify words or homonyms that would be identical without them. It’s incredibly impolite to ignore these little accents; luckily websites exist that allow users to copy and paste these and a host of other special characters straight into a document.

Call Recorder

Conference calls and Skype calls are often staple features of the office environment, including searching for the headset when a call comes in as to not disturb anyone. We’ve all tried to take notes during an important call, only to be dismayed when we finally get off the line due to the fact our handwriting is scruffy, illegible and harder to decipher than Egyptian hieroglyphs. Call Recorder’s website downloads a program that’ll allow you to pay full attention to what the other person was saying, make notes of your own, and lets you play back the entire conversation.


Sometimes current affairs, economic announcements, and political tensions can have a significant impact on business. It’s important to stay up to date on global events especially if you have an international client base, work in a media industry or are dealing with any government departments. By giving yourself ten minutes a day to check the news headlines, or have a preferred news outlet send you a daily email you will be able to learn information you may otherwise have missed. Being informed will help you to make quicker, better decisions as well as making sure you take a taxi, or Uber to work that day because the trains on your route have been subject to delays, cancellations or short notice replacement services due to ongoing union strikes


Not everyone has good maths skills, but Mathway takes the stress out of any Math based situation. It not only does the problem for you, but also shows you how it was done giving you an easy, step by step tutorial on how to use certain mathematical formulas. Which then means that you’re no longer worrying all day if you’ve added everything in that sales report up correctly.

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